UNC-UA: Roy Williams Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – North Carolina coach Roy Williams addressed the media following the Tar Heels' 86-69 win over Arizona on Saturday at the Smith Center. Read and listen to what he had to say…

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Opening remarks
"I think it goes without saying we're extremely happy. The first twelve minutes of the second half is about as good as we've played all year. It's a tough afternoon for us in a lot of ways, but the kids really pull together. Reyshawn [Terry] had his sternum bruised. He had to leave the bench area and let the doctors check him out. He was really in pain. You saw the splint on Bobby [Frasor]'s right hand ring finger. He dislocated his finger on Thursday. Needless to say I want him to dislocate the other finger if he has nine assists to zero turnovers. He's going to have a dislocated finger every week now.

"But I thought his defense on Hassan Adams was Bobby's best defensive game of the year. I think he really tried to focus a great deal. And then Marcus [Ginyard] came down sick. I think he played like he was sick the first time he got in there. He had zero assists and four turnovers at halftime. But he got in and defended better in the second half. Michael Copeland didn't dress because he's been sick and I think Marcus has got what Michael has. Couple times I couldn't figure who to have guarding who out there. I loved our competitiveness. But let's be honest -- we made some shots. When you make shots the whole game looks a lot prettier. We made some shots. Arizona missed some shots they don't normally miss. They scared me to death until the final forty-five seconds. I have such respect for Lute [Olson] and his staff.

"But we feel great. Danny Green came off the bench and needless to say gave us a big lift. If you told me we were going to go 9 for 17 every day from three [point range], we're going to beat a lot of people."

On the recent play of Wes Miller
"Well I think it's important. We do try to get him good shots. When he went in there one time and threw that one up, I was about to choke him. But somebody got an offensive rebound and we ended up scoring then. He's doing some nice things. He's epitomized by that dive on the floor when he picked up the loose ball and called a timeout. He's a kid who's worked his tail off. God blessed him with a tremendous amount of desire. He may not have blessed him with size, but he blessed him with a tremendous amount of desire. His play is hard work and his teammates realize how he can shoot it and they try to make sure they get him shots."

On Miller's defense
"I don't think it was his best defensive game, but he does do a good job. Go look at the defensive players of the game, and he's won several of them recently. If I had to pick a defensive star of today's game, I'd pick Bobby. I think Bobby was sensational defensively."

Concerning the Tar Heel's offensive movement today
"We've really been working hard on some spacing and trying to get Tyler the ball inside. We've really been working hard on teams that double-team him. Arizona tried to double with the other post player. Let's see, he had one turnover. That's impressive for a big fella who's being double-teamed inside. That's the biggest thing we've been working on - the fact that they're doubling Tyler so much and trying to find some holes in it after they double us."

On getting to the line
"It was a great game in the first half if you like to watch basketball, because there was not a lot of pushing, shoving and holding. I like the game where you don't spend all game parading to the free throw line. I think we shot four or five and they shot three or four. But we've got to get the basketball inside and we've got to attack the basket."

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