UNC-UA: Lute Olson Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – Arizona coach Lute Olson addressed the media following the game. Read and listen to what he had to say…

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Opening remarks
"There's no question that the team that played the hardest and played the smartest won. I think Carolina did a tremendous job in terms of the effort they put in. They put it in right from the start and they kept it going.

"They create a lot of problems inside with [Tyler] Hansbrough because you can't handle him by yourself, and they did a nice job of perimeter people moving to open spots. They hurt us there. They hurt us on baseline drives which we had said going in that that's their drive of preference, and it was and they did it and continued to do it.

"I thought from our end of it, we got really hard play out of Fendi Onobun coming off the bench. I thought that Kirk Walters did a good job when we could get him the ball. The weakest part of our game right now is the inside presence. We have a few more games in our league play that I hope we can develop that.

"Marcus Williams, I think for his physical condition did a good job. He was very ill last night and did not take part in our shoot around this morning with a stomach virus, but I thought he hung in there really pretty well. Mustafa Shakur always plays hard, but I just though we needed to get more consistency from some of our other players. I think a lot of that credit goes to Carolina. It seemed like ever pass that we made was being challenged, and that's usually one of our strengths. It was like we came out and basically let them run what they wanted to run, and if you let a team that shoots the ball that well run what they want to run you're going to be on the backside of the score."

On the 8-0 Carolina run to end the first half
"It probably started with a really ill advised pass from one of our guards to the other guards - a 30-foot angle pass - and they picked that off. That was followed by a dunk on another play, and we just lost that momentum completely. To their credit, we ended up with Hassan Adams getting a wide open look with about three seconds to go so we want that shot taken at four seconds or less. Mustafa drove it and kicked it back and we had the wide open look. Unfortunately we missed it and it got tapped out of bounds. That shot they made at the end - that kid can really shot it. That sent them in with momentum, but that momentum had been taken away from us with a couple mistakes. I think they scored on maybe 10 of the last 15 possessions before halftime and that was a killer."

On the play of North Carolina guard Bobby Frasor
"I thought Frasor did a really good job. Probably his defensive effort was lost in the shuffle. He did a great job on defense. He pressured every pass. He made it difficult for us to get over screens and get open. Anytime you look at a score sheet and you see nine assists and no turnovers that's a great, great job by the point guard, but he's a real factor on the defensive end of the court too. He's a very smart player. He plays within his limitations on offense. He's not somebody that's a great shooter, but I think he knows he's a great creator. How those points get up on the board, it doesn't make any difference if it's you scoring them or someone else, but I think he's a very, very good point guard."

Courtesy Arizona Athletic Communications


On his thoughts of the game
"We need to force them out of their comfort zone. They did the same thing over and over, and we just didn't hit shots. And we needed more intensity on the defensive end. If we would have done that we may have had a different outcome."

On entering the second half of conference play
"We need to pick up where we left off in the conference. We had a nice three game win streak. This team is not going to lose any confidence. We know we're still a good team."


On his thoughts of the game
"We just need to get some work done, look at some film, and see what we did wrong. We lost the game but we need to bounce back and do what we can in league play. I just wanted to rebound in the game and contribute in some way. They had the momentum the whole time, and we couldn't get any shots to fall. They had the momentum the whole time."


On his thoughts of the game
"We just need to play harder. We need to keep playing and play tough within the conference. We need to keep playing like we did in the conference, despite today's loss. They just played tougher than we did today. We can't take anything away from them."


On what the team will take from this game
"Just like any other game, we need to put this behind us and look at some film. We wanted to `W' but we have to learn from it either way. We'll bounce back from this."

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