Butch reflects on visit, offer

Brian Butch's brief visit to Chapel Hill went well enough for the Wisconsin big man to book a return engagement.

The Appleton East High (Wis.) 6-11, 215-pound junior, shortly after fielding a scholarship offer from Matt Doherty, agreed to come back for an official visit the weekend of Sept. 13.

"I spent a couple of hours there and they showed us around," Butch said of his unofficial visit, which occurred the day after his Fox Valley Skillz team was eliminated from pool competition. "It was mostly a tour. We talked for about 20 minutes."

"I'm really looking forward to going back in September and meeting with the players," he added.

Butch had already been offered a scholarship by every other school on his list – Wisconsin, Arizona, Kansas, Iowa, Stanford, Tennessee and Marquette.

"It was like getting that last piece of a puzzle," he said. "Now I've got to make some decisions."

However, it appears as though while Butch is reluctant to divulge the leaders, his home-state Badgers, Arizona, Kansas and UNC have distanced themselves from the rest of the pack.

Butch has already taken an official visit to Arizona and is planning on organizing the dates for the rest of his trips in the next couple of weeks. But he's in no rush to make a final decision.

"I'm not going to decide until the fall," said Butch

Butch was arguably the top player at last weekend's Tournament of Champions, averaging 31.7 points per contest in his three games. Not only did he dominate, but he did it against some big names – Jackie Butler, who is talking about skipping college; Darryl Watkins, who is being looked at by most of the Big East; and Hassan Fofana, who already has a scholarship off from national champion Maryland on the table.

"I just go out and play my hardest," Butch said. "I don't really get into whether I'm going up against a high-profile player. I'm not a big believer in that stuff and don't get involved in that. I don't really pay attention to the rankings. If I play my hardest, they'll all have me ranked where they feel I should be. I know I still have to improve."

Butch averaged 21 points, 12 rebounds, five blocks and four assists last season and showed tremendous versatility, sinking 18-footers and also displaying an array of hook shots and up-and-under moves. His primary weakness is just that – strength. He needs to put on some weight and will focus on that over the next month while his AAU schedule is light.

"I'm just going to be lifting and eating," he said. "and just being a kid for once in a while."

Butch said he's been inundated with phone calls since returning from the Tournament of Champions, but he's trying to focus on his final exams before he takes the ACT for the second time on June 8. But to put things into perspective, there's not much pressure since he already scored a 20 on the first go-around and has a 3.8 GPA.

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