Roy Williams Monday Quotes

The UNC head coach answered questions on the ACC's weekly teleconference Monday morning ...

Opening Remarks -

"It was a mixed bag [the last week], we feel much better right now, to say the least. We lost a tough game against Boston College and then turned around and won against Arizona on Saturday. We'd like to get a little more consistency and we're going to need that kind of effort that we had against Arizona and probably even better than that against Maryland on Thursday night."

On whether the Arizona game was the most "complete" performance by UNC thus far -
"I guess it depends on what you'd call 'complete.' I think we did some really good things defensively. We shot the ball in the hole. We were able to do some things in a positive manner. I'm just happy to have one where we can talk about the positive things. We did some nice things, there's no question about that. Whether it compares to other games we've played, I haven't put any thought into that part of it.

On Tyler Hansbrough's play down low -
"We work on it an awful lot. We're trying to get him to make a quick move or get it out. He has tremendous footwork - he can move that one foot around quite a bit but that other one never moves. He's been called for walking about two times this year and we watched it on tape and on neither one of them did he walk. He has great fundamentals of keeping his foot down and then he's a powerful youngster that can get it up on the board."

Comparing Hansbrough's footwork to previous post players he's coached -
"It's a completely different kind of footwork. For Tyler, we're talking about that he keeps his foot down while trying to get his shot of with two or three guys around him. Sean May's and Nick Collison's footwork are completely different, because they're spinning on either side with or without a dribble. But what [Tyler] has are tremendously strong hands that when he gets his hands on the ball, he doesn't give it up easily. And he doesn't panic out of the double team so he just waits for an opening and goes up with it."

On Reyshawn Terry's status regarding his sternum injury -
"We haven't seen him since Saturday. We gave the guys yesterday off, he got treatment, the trainer didn't tell me anything so I'm assuming he's ok."

And on Marcus Ginyard's illness -
"We had yesterday off, I went out of town recruiting, some of them saw the trainer, but I haven't gotten the trainer's report yet for today."

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