Roy Williams Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program Monday night? Here are some excerpts of what he said on the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

On the women's team beating Duke and reaching the No. 1 rankings -

"It was a great game [Saturday]. But before we even talk about that, how about our women over in Durham last night – that was pretty impressive. … I've been fortunate enough to be [No. 1] a few times in 17.5 years. It's a great thrill for your team, but Sylvia will keep them focused on what they have to do. That was a great, great comeback. It may be the most athletic team period. It was fun to sit there and watch it. I had thoughts wondering if I should go over there with Groucho Marx glasses. I would have loved to have been over there to watch Ivory and those girls. …

"I'd love to have two or three of those girls on my team and they're great kids, too. Tough thing is I don't get to see them play nearly as much as I would like to. When we play, they play, so I don't get to see them play nearly as much as I want to. … On Saturday morning I was going up on campus and saw this figure walking toward me and I told her good luck on Sunday and it was Ivory. ... I love watching those kids play. …

"I've been very flattered by the [women's] basketball team. You know me, I'm big on sayings and my second favorite saying ever is ‘Be led by your dreams not pushed by your problems.' There was a book written about the national championship year called ‘Be Led By Your Dreams' and our women's basketball players on their practice jerseys have "Be Led By Your Dreams." The girls talked about what a thrill it was for them to see the men's team receive our championships rings at the football game last fall. They said that's where they want to be next year so I'll be just as thrilled for them."

On Boston College and Arizona games -

"We were extremely disappointed after the Boston College game, and yet knew how good they were. … [But] our kids felt really good after the game on Saturday."

On Frasor's buzzer-beater at the half against Arizona -

"I felt very lucky. Yet at the same time we did call a timeout and give them a couple things to look for and they did a great job. We had Wes on the left wing – he could have hit Wes. It was emotionally a big lift for our guys and Bobby needed it. He played that whole game with that finger he dislocated on Thursday in practice. It was a big lift for us. It gave our guys some speed going to the locker room."

Updates on the team's sick players -

"Marcus Ginyard felt much better today and Michael Copeland practiced - those were the two that were under the weather the most. It does worry me because we spend so much time together that it usually affects more than one or two guys. We're trying to keep our eyes on it, but right now everything is okay."

On the improved Smith Center crowd -

"Somebody said it earlier in the year, how hard the kids are playing and how young and inexperienced they are makes you fall in love with them. I thought the crowd was great Saturday. They stuck with us [after] we lost a couple home games. I think they've been sensational. What I'm trying to do is make sure they stay that way and work to get better just like our team. But I've loved the support we've gotten in the Smith Center. I wish some of the people would get there earlier, there's no question about that – when people watch it on TV I don't like them to see any open seats down there around the court level for sure. But I've got no complaints with our crowd. I just hope each and every day they'll want to do even a little bit better."

On Quentin Thomas pressing -

"If you have a group of great kids, there's only one negative about great kids – those kids care about what people say and think, because they feel the expectations and they feel the stress. If you've got a bunch of jerks out there they don't care about what anybody else thinks. We're very fortunate we got such great kids, but that's the only negative – they care about other people's expectations. Quentin's trying to fight his way through it and I thought he played much better on Saturday and looking forward to trying to keep helping him fight through it. … We really need him to be a big time player for us. I tell you one thing, every Carolina fan - I don't care how big – you don't have the concern in your little finger that that boy and his family and his head coach has. He might be going through some tough times, but he is fighting through it."

On watching signees Wayne Ellington and Tywon Lawson on Sunday -

"One of the thing I don't like about recruiting is every time I do something, everybody knows about it. … Saw a great game in Philadelphia yesterday afternoon – Oak Hill Academy with Tywon Lawson against Episcopal with Wayne Ellington. It was a packed house in the Palestra, a fantastic game and both of our kids played really well … They're going to make a lot of people very happy to wear Tar Heel Blue."

On how the 2006 recruiting class is doing and how many are going to make the McDonald's All-American Game -

"I would suspect that Tywon Lawson, Wayne Ellington and Brandan Wright will all be chosen, but the team hasn't been announced yet. I would really be stunned if those three aren't named. The past seven or eight years it's been during a dead period so the coaches can't even go. So usually I don't follow it very much, I've watched the game on TV – in fact, if you have satellite you could have watched Brandan Wright on Saturday night and Wayne Ellington and Tywon Lawson yesterday afternoon were on TV as well.

"The other three kids are having really good years, too. William Graves over the last four games is averaging about 33 a game – got 38 the other night and seven threes. Alex Stepheson is really having a big year – four of his last eight games he's gotten over 20 rebounds in a game. And Deon Thompson has had some injury problems, but he's also finally getting healthy and playing the kind of basketball that I think he'll play for us. We're ecstatic about all six of the kids coming next year."

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