It's Signing Day! is the place to be for Signing Day 2006. The IC staff is hard at work on the biggest football recruiting day of the year and you won't find better coverage anywhere else. Here's a breakdown of today's coverage ...

* Minute-by-minute reports on the premium message board as Letters of Intents are faxed from each recruit's high school finalizing their commitments.

* Interviews with the newest Tar Heels as they discuss joining the Carolina family.

* Coverage from recruits' signing ceremonies.

* On-scene coverage of Aleric Mullins' decision and announcement today.

* Full report of John Bunting's 4 p.m. press conference to discuss UNC's recruiting class, including quotes and full audio.

* Learn all about the Tar Heel signees via the extensive player database, featuring stats, analysis, photos and video highlights.

* Discuss the events of the day on the premium message board with IC's unmatched collection of experts and insiders, as well as fellow fans.

As our longtime readers can attest, you won't find better coverage of Carolina football recruiting anywhere else!


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