Q&A with Wes Miller

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Junior guard Wes Miller answered questions from the media Friday afternoon at the Smith Center, as the Tar Heels host Clemson Saturday at 4 p.m. Read and listen to what Miller had to say ...

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What can the team do to run more and pick the pace back up? Because you got away from it for a little while ...

"Part of it is forcing the other teams into more turnovers on the defensive end and that's getting into passing lanes, pressuring the ball harder and not breaking down defensively. And part of it is the mentality. I think at times we got the outlet pass or the wings haven't run as hard as they should or the point hasn't pushed the ball hard or the big man hasn't run down the middle. ... When we have run, we've been a better basketball team and been able to score better and I think you saw that in the second half against Maryland."

Are you okay living with the turnovers as long as you're in the fast pace?

"I don't think we're okay with the turnovers. We've gotten lucky being able to win some basketball games with a high amount of turnovers, but we still want to cut down on those silly mistakes and I think when we have we've played better. ... We're still working to cut down on turnovers."

What do you think you've been doing differently since you started playing real well and earned the starting spot?

"Really I don't think I've been doing anything differently at all. It's the same role for me, I just do it in the game five or six minutes earlier than in the past and I've been playing some more minutes. I'm just trying to play hard on defense, stay in front of the ball and get in the passing lanes and on offense knock down open shots."

Have you noticed teams defending you differently the last couple weeks?

"Yeah, a little bit, especially last night and even against Arizona. When I catch the ball people are flying out at me. I think they're more aware of how I can shoot the ball off the catch. And that's fine, I've just got to make sure I continue to take good shots and maybe throw in a pump fake here and there to get a better shot or use it to get my teammates a better shot."

What did you expect your role to be when you came to this program?

"I didn't really know. I knew for a fact that I'd come in and be a practice player and a guy to push Raymond Felton. I always dreamed that I would be able to contribute in a game and help us win basketball games. But that was never something that was promised to me. I'm just happy it's evolved into what it is now."

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