Rising Senior to Watch: Jarvelle Scott

Jarvelle Scott knows he didn't play his best at the Tournament of Champions last weekend, but there was a valid reason.

"It's not an excuse, but I was kind of tired," said the 6-7, 245-pound Abramson High (La.) junior, who played for the Panthers Select. "I didn't play as well as I would have liked."

Scott admitted that he was out of gas after spending the entire previous week playing for a USA junior team in France. He returned to Louisiana the previous Tuesday, went to school on Wednesday and left for North Carolina early on Thursday.

"We played against other countries and we only had seven players," Scott said. ``We lost in the championship game to Lithuania."

Scott, whose first name is Warren but goes by his middle name of Jarvelle, has a top three of Wake Forest, North Carolina and Cincinnati. Tulane and LSU are also in heavy pursuit of the in-state talent, but Scott said he has always wanted to play in the ACC.

"You get to play against Duke," Scott said. "I like them and I just want to play against them."

The Tar Heels staff met with Scott at his high school in April after he had an impressive showing at the Adidas Texas Classic. The Deamon Deacons have offered and appear to lead at this point, but things would probably change if Matt Doherty put a scholarship offer on the table.

"It would be really tough to say no to that," Scott said.

Scott averaged 17 points and nine rebounds per game last season and, even though he is somewhat undersized, he is able to more than hold his own against bigger players. He played center at the Tournament of Champions and his only difficulty was getting his shot off against guys three or four inches taller than him. Scott uses his body well to rebound and get position, but he isn't overly athletic.

Scott, who has a 2.7 GPA and will take the ACT later this month, plans to make a decision in the fall on where he'll attend college and the primary factor is playing time.

"I want to play and win," said Scott, who will attend to Big Time in Las Vegas and is uncertain of whether he'll play in the Nike All-American Camp or the Adidas ABCD Camp in July.

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