UNC-CU: Oliver Purnell Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – Clemson coach Oliver Purnell addressed the media following the game…

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Opening remarks
"I want to give a lot of credit to North Carolina coming back off a 42, 43 hour turnaround and to come out here today and really jump on us right off the bat with tremendous energy. I thought our guys were ready to go but I think North Carolina may have had even more energy at the beginning of the game. Obviously at the beginning of the game a 14-2 run was probably the tale of the tape, along with the run at the beginning of the second half. The two beginning of the halves really hurt us.

"I thought our guys really fought hard, turned Carolina over with our pressure some. You're just in too big of a hole. They're such a good transition team so if they break the press, they are going to have the opportunity to make a high-percentage shot. We didn't shoot the ball well enough from three. Even on the interior we fumbled away some opportunities that really gave us a chance to make a ballgame of it. I don't know if we were a little bit tight, and certainly North Carolina's defense and energy had something to do with it, but I thought we had a number of opportunities on the interior--a few passes to Akin [Akingbala], a couple passes to Sam Perry--where we could have put some pressure on them and we didn't deliver.

"Again, I give an awful lot of credit to North Carolina for that short turnaround and coming out with energy and I thought they played pretty well."

On UNC's good plays and Clemson's miscues
"I think that and we didn't cash in on some interior passing situations where we could have put pressure on them. I remember two where Sam Perry fumbled out of bounds. I remember at least two, maybe three, that Akin [Akingbala] fumbled out of bounds. He had 6 turnovers and you have to make something happen with those. You couple that with a couple things of good fortune for them, but you have to look at their energy with that quick turnaround, they came out ready to play.

On Clemson's reliance on three-pointers
"We went in to Akin [Akingbala] quite a bit. He just had a tough night. We went inside to Steve Allen. We didn't finish a lot inside. We went inside quite a bit. We certainly do rely on thee three some. We want to take wide-open threes and knock them down. The nights that we do that, we will be a little better offensive team."

On Clemson's difficulty winning in Chapel Hill
"Because they've had good players and good coaches ever since I've been born and probably when I'm gone they still will. It's a tough place to play. Not just here, but Carmichael, and obviously they've had some great coaches as well."

On the different responses to Carolina's fast start in the 2005 game and today's
"We just pointed out what was going on. We had missed some easy bunnies; we turned the ball over inside some. Once we settled down and really started to spread the offense out then we could score versus them and the fact that they were prone to turn the ball over. We get up into them they are going to turn the ball over. Those things started to happen and I think it gives us confidence to stay with what we are trying to do."

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