UNC-CU: Locker Room Quotes

Inside Carolina's locker room report following the Tar Heels' 76-61 win over the Clemson Tigers.

Tyler Hansbrough

Comment on your shooting tonight. You didn't make as high a percentage as you are used to making.

Obviously my jump hook wasn't falling like it usually does. But there are going to be days like that where sometimes the ball just doesn't fall in the hole. I guess today was one of those days.

What do you do to win a game as sloppy as this one?

You have to pick it up on defense and try to not let them get easy buckets.

On David's lob to you, where you trying to get the ball under control or where you trying to tap it in the basket?

Well, I knew the basket was around so I thought maybe if I can tap it up and it still didn't go in, I would have a chance to get the rebound.

Were you surprised when it went in?

Yea I was a little shocked. I didn't know if it was going to roll off or what.

Do you feel like this team has made significant strides on defense since the Boston College game?

Yes definitely. Coach as really been stressing in practice. Sometimes our defense comes through our offense.

What did you know about the win streak against Clemson?

Yea we've heard about it. It's not really a big deal to me. Streaks really don't mean anything to me. I think we just prepare like any other ACC game.

Knowing what is coming up on Tuesday, how about this win and how did you guys focus on this game today?

Well, it gives a lot of momentum going in there on Tuesday. It boosts our confidence.

Being from Missouri, what does Duke/Carolina mean to you?

Well, I've always watched it when I was growing up and I know it's a big rivalry. But at the same time, it's still an ACC game so we are going to prepare for it just a like any other game and come out and try to play our best.

Are you looking forward to your match-up against Shelden [Williams].

Yes I am. I'm looking forward coming out there and trying to get a W.

Can you comment on the physical ball games? It seems like the last few games, teams have really gotten physical inside with you.

I've noticed that. I think I am adjusting to it and try to keep getting better at it.

Wes Miller

Talk about the play of Reyshawn Terry tonight.

He really got us going tonight. He kept us going. When they started making some runs, he made some huge plays. We need that help, especially on the glass, from him. He got it done on the glass tonight.

Have you noticed anything differently in him?

I'm not sure if there's anything I could pinpoint. He just got more comfortable. Reyshawn didn't play a whole lot and he's gotten his opportunity this year and he's more comfortable. We've always known how talented he is. He can do so many things, he so versatile, he's so athletic. He's really putting it together now.

How is this team continuing to win with all the turnovers?

I've got to think it is effort and the things we are doing on the defensive end of the floor. Coach has always said that you give 100% of what you've got and you get stops and play your fundamentals on the defensive end - that will turn into good things. Even though we haven't been making some of the best decisions offensively, we've been fortunate that we have been doing other good things [that make a difference]. And we got a little lucky tonight with a couple plays – the passes that went in the goal and so I think it is the effort and what we are going defensively.

David Noel

What has happened over the last couple of weeks for this team to turn things around?

For the most part, we have decided to never turn it off again. We are going on a little stretch now where we've won three in a row and hopefully we can get another one Tuesday night.

We have gotten back to our running game and that's big for us. Against BC, we really didn't run, we really didn't defend like we need to and their physical play got us out of our style of basketball and we tried to out physical them. I don't think that was something we were used to. For the most part, we got back to playing Carolina basketball.

Does 52-0 here against Clemson mean anything to you?

Uh, I really don't know to answer that question because I don't want Coach Williams to get mad (laughter). But, I think it does. At the same time, the streak, we just put it off for another year.

It's one of those things where you don't want to be here when it's broken….

Exactly. I'm out of here without the loss so I am good. (laughter) [Seriously] it really doesn't even come up until Clemson is coming to town and you guys ask about it.

Talk about Reyshawn's play lately.

He's just playing basketball. He's being Reyshawn Terry. Like I said at the beginning of the year at the ACC [Operation Basketball] with you guys, Reyshawn was going to be a big factor this year and he's finally starting to gel into that role and he's doing some spectacular things.

On the follow dunk in the second half.

Once it came off, Shawan [Robinson} or someone was getting ready to box me out and I just went around them. I was able get a good hand on it and throw it down.

You had a career high in assists tonight…

I am looking more for my teammates, trying to get them the ball in the proper positions where they can do something with it. That's about it. I really am not doing anything special, but just trying to get them the ball where they can do something with it.

Bobby Frasor

Coach Williams said sometimes lucky things happen to good teams….

Yea, I mean you work hard, things are going to fall your way. Everyone needs luck sometimes to get wins. Hopefully we'll get some more.

It seems like teams are getting more physical with you guys lately, especially Tyler down low.

Yea. Tyler's bruised up a little bit. They've been all over him lately but he's been battling through that. If we can keep making shots from the outside and getting other things from our defense, we'll be fine.

How does he deal with that because he doesn't get a lot of calls down there?

Right. He's been frustrated lately – not getting to the line as much, not scoring as much – but I mean, he keeps playing, keeps battling getting offensive rebounds for us and plays good defense and gets defensive rebounds. He's never going to just quit because he's not scoring.

What impresses you the most about his play around the rim?

Probably his jump hook over his left shoulder with his right hand. You give that to him, it's going it. When he takes that, I know I'm just running back on defense. His intensity, shots off the rim, it's his ball. The passion he plays with.

Talk about Duke coming up.

Never experienced it. After our last win at Maryland, everyone was like – Go Get Duke Tuesday – and just threw away this game. We have to take it as another game and hopefully get another ACC win out of it. But we know it is going to be a battle.

You have to watch [Duke against Carolina] if you are a college basketball fan. I mean it's the best rivalry in college basketball. It's always on prime time television. I've never even seen one in person. This will be my first.

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