Tyler Hansbrough Q&A

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – With a big matchup against Duke only a day away, Tyler Hansbrough spoke to the media on Monday from the Smith Center press room. Read and listen to what Hansbrough said ...

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Did you watch UNC-Duke games in Missouri?

"It's something I've always watched, and being in this opportunity -- and I know it's a really big game with a lot of hype - I'm real excited about it."

How are your teammates prepping you for this game - what advice are they giving?

"I was talking to Wes [Miller] and about how the crowd is pretty intense every game, but whenever it comes to Duke, you can tell how big a game it is, how exciting it is and everybody will be so pumped up."

How much do you expect to be energized by the crowd on Tuesday?

"A lot. They're already camping out upstairs. It shows what this means to them and we're definitely going to get real pumped up and feed off the crowd."

Are you feeling any nerves for this big game?

"No, actually I feel like it gets me more dedicated coming into the game ... you're so hyped up, you don't want to come in and perform badly - so it makes you work harder."

What have you seen from scouting film of Shelden Williams?

"Watching Shelden play lately, I've noticed that he's been working on outside shot so I think I'll have to guard him him all around. But defensively, I know he's a big factor inside, but I don't plan on changing my game any way just because he's a good defender. I'm going to keep on playing my game."

Has your game been improving quicker than you expected?

"A lot. I keep on improving every game and it's not just offensively - defensively, too. Adjusting to bigger guys in the college game. ... I've been seeing a lot more double teams lately and I think my moves are getting a lot quicker, my jump hook and I'm starting to see where the double teams are coming from and trying to hit the open guy cutting to the basket. Mainly it comes down to me making a lot quicker moves and trying to get my move off before the double team comes."

How important will the rebounding battle be in this game? "Rebounding's going to be a big factor. I need to keep Shelden off the offensive boards and limit their second shots."

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