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Jon Hamlett is a top-rated TE out of Forest (VA) Jefferson. Hamlett recorded 22 receptions and one touchdown last year. Here is an updated interview from Mark Ellington and the Inside Carolina staff.

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Jon Hamlett is a top-rated TE out of Forest (VA) Jefferson. Hamlett recorded 22 receptions and one touchdown last year. He was offered by UNC while he was visiting for Junior Day and is very excited about prospect of playing for the Heels. Here is an updated interview from Mark Ellington and the Inside Carolina staff.

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Committed to UNC

Others Recruiting: UVa, VaT, FL, MD

Inside Carolina: Jon, are you still committed to UNC?
Jon Hamlett: Oh yes.

IC: Do you plan on coming to the Carolina camp this summer?
Hamlett: I plan on being there June 12-14.

IC: how about other camps? Do you plan on going to other camps this summer?
Jon: No. Just the UNC camp.

IC: Any of your teammates coming along?
Hamlett: Eddie Prinigus (OL) is planning to come down for a one-day mini-camp.

IC: Do you know his interest level with UNC?
Hamlett: MD, VA, and Wake have offered him. I think he is waiting on TN to offer. UNC has not offered him so I am not sure how interested he is in Carolina.

IC: Are you still being recruited by other schools?
Hamlett: Virginia has offered me a scholarship and is sending mail pretty often. MD came by my HS two weeks ago and said that if I was unsure about my commitment to be sure to tell the MD coach that is recruiting me. FL came by. They are recruiting both Eddie and me. They told us that we were two of the top prospects in VA and that they intended on recruiting us (until signing day).

IC: What are the UNC coaches telling you?
Hamlett: Coach Browning came by my HS in May. He told me to continue to work hard. He said that he was looking forward to seeing me in camp.

IC: Do you think you will start on Coach Connors S&C program this year?
Hamlett: I am going to try and get it from him at camp if I can.

IC: How does your HS team look for next year?
Hamlett: We look really good. We have about 20 guys benching over 300 lbs. now. That's pretty good for a 2-A school. I think we can have a very good year.

IC: What are your plans for the summer?
Hamlett: Well camp of course. I think my family will go to the beach for vacation. Other than that I plan to lift and get ready for football in the fall.

IC: Thanks for talking with us Jon. We'll talk again after camp.

****** Interview from April 15, 2002 ******

Inside Carolina: Thank you for talking with us Jon. When did Carolina offer you a scholarship?
Jon Hamlett: They offered me when I was down for Junior day.

IC: Have you always been a Carolina fan?
Hamlett: Yes. I used to go down to Chapel Hill for basketball camps. My grandfather played for Carolina back in the Choo Choo Justice days (Jack Woddel OT).

IC: Have you visited Carolina recently?
Hamlett: I went down for the NIKE camp. I talked with Mike Mason some and I was down for the Spring Game. I also was down for the FSU you game last year.

IC: Did you help tear down the goalposts?
Hamlett: Yes, I was down on the field with the crowd.

IC: Did you attend camp anywhere last year?
Hamlett: I went to the Virginia camp last year.

IC: Are you planning to camp at Carolina this year?
Hamlett: Yes. I plan to go to Carolina's camp this summer.

IC: Do you know any of the current players on the UNC football team?
Hamlett: I have met Brian Chacos, Zach Hilton and Bobby Blizzard. My family visited some with the Chacos family at the Spring Game. Brian told me how great it was in Chapel Hill and even invited me down to stay with him some time. He told me that even though you might dominate in HS, it was different in college.

IC: What do you like about Carolina?
Hamlett: Everything. The people are all nice. I like how it is located in a college town that surrounds the campus. The campus itself is awesome. The stadium is overwhelming. I've been to the stadium at TN and I thought the Carolina stadium was as good. I know it is smaller but I felt more comfortable at Carolina's stadium. The weight room is as good as anywhere. I think the football staff has brought the program to the top level and compares favorably with any in the country.

IC: Have you met the coaching staff?
Hamlett: Yes I have met the coaching staff.

IC: What were your thoughts of Coach Bunting?
Hamlett: He is the nicest coach that I have met.

IC: Who is your primary recruiter?
Hamlett: Coach Browning is our primary recruiter. He talked to Mike Mason and me and told us that he would like us to come down to as many games as possible that our presence would be a positive influence on recruiting other players.

IC: Do you know other players that might be interested in UNC?
Hamlett: There are two players on my HS team that are interested. One is Stevie Ray Lloyd FB 6-1 235 and runs about a 4.75. He plays FB and LB. Coach Powell is taking a look at him. The other is Eddie Pinigis OL 6-7 285. The same schools that recruited me are recruiting them.

IC: What is your best asset as a player?
Hamlett: I block pretty well and I can run and catch the ball. I play basketball for my HS so I am pretty athletic (12 pts/game and 10 rebounds). I can get upfield really well. I have even wound up running the option some in the offense that we run in HS.

IC: Which position do you prefer to play?
Hamlett: TE

IC: What would you like to improve on as a player?
Hamlett: I'd say my speed and strength. It is tough for me to work out much because I play two sports.

IC: Have you talked with Coach Connors any about that?
Hamlett: Yes. He is going to set me up with a workout plan sometime.

IC: Thanks again for the interview Jon and we'll talk again soon.

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