UNC-Duke: Roy Williams Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – North Carolina coach Roy Williams addressed the media following the Tar Heels' 87-83 loss to Duke on Tuesday at the Smith Center. Read and listen to what he had to say…

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Opening remarks
"It's very disappointing there's no question about that. If you didn't care about who won the game, you had to enjoy the ebb and flow of a great college basketball game. But I do care who wins, and so it wasn't that much fun for me. I love how hard our kids tried but the first three minutes of the second half I was just dumbfounded how we didn't have the fire and didn't have the poise. We turned it over four straight possessions. We can't come out and play like that and be a good basketball team. That was the most disappointing thing that we've had happen this year.

"After that I loved how our team competed. I loved those next five guys that got in there and how they competed. When the starters got back in I thought they really did a nice job. It would've been nice to have made another bucket or two.

"You've got to give J.J. [Redick], he made two big time shots - one of them from the corner across from their bench where I thought we had him guarded very well and he jumped up and made a big time shot. We had a five point lead and the called Reyshawn Terry for a charge on the possession before and J.J. [Redick] goes down and makes that big one from the corner again that I thought we had guarded pretty well to put it back to two. Then we missed and after that it was give and take.

"It would've been fun to come up with that ball when we had the double on the sideline. Marcus [Ginyard] couldn't stay inbounds and threw it back in and it got to them. Greg [Paulus] made the free throws at that point. I loved how our kids competed except for the first three or four minutes of the second half. You have to congratulate Duke and J.J. [Redick]--he made the big jump shots. Josh McRoberts and Greg Paulus making the free throws and Josh's big three. Sean Dockery was really good for them too.

"It's pretty disappointing."

On Quentin Thomas's play and why he was on the bench late
"Over the course of twenty games Bobby [Frasor] has earned the right to be in there. But `Q' did give us a lift. Bobby played well down the stretch. He hit the jumpshot to cut it to one. I was disappointing or anything like that. `Q' has struggled a great deal this year, but he did give us a lift. But again I think Byron [Sanders] made a basket at the end. I think Danny [Green] took it to the basket. Danny helped us with offensive rebounding in the first half. He just has to be a little better on the defensive end of the floor."

On the team's resilience
"If I ever have one of my team's quit, I will walk out of here and stop coaching. None of our guys are ever going to quit."

On the finish to the game
It was fun, no question. But you have to finish the job. I've never been one to be big on moral victories. You have to finish the game. We had a five point lead and we had a drive and we wanted the call block and they wanted the call charge. After that they made plays and we didn't. One time we missed two free throws and fouled them and they go down and make two free throws."

On the five-man substitution early in the second half
"I didn't care [how well it worked]. I was so mad at [the starters] I just wanted to something so I wasn't charged with assault. We could've lost by 5,000 and it wouldn't have made any difference I was keeping them in there for a while. If you are going to play for us, you are going to compete. "Cool" stuff- I despise "cool"- I've never seen one person in my life that was cool that I liked."

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