UNC-Duke: Mike Krzyzewski Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski spoke to the media following the game…

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Opening remarks
"It's a great game. Carolina has done wonders with their team. Their fans have been so supportive. They supported them again tonight- first-class fashion. It was an honor to play here tonight. Thought we beat a really good basketball team. You know it's going to be, when we started that second half like that, you know first of all we weren't going to keep that up and they weren't going to fold the tent especially at home. They wouldn't do it anywhere. They came back and when we lost the lead, I think we showed the spirit that I've sensed in this team throughout the year. We just have a good spirit that we're going to win. We kept our poise and hit some big shots. JJ [Redick] hit a couple big threes- that step-back three was not bad. I thought [Greg] Paulus really had a great floor game. He was a little bit ahead of himself early- got two or three early turnovers, but then after that, in this environment, with that pressure, he had a great great floor game. [Josh] McRoberts was great and Sean [Dockery] stepped forward. He had to shoot open shots, which we've been trying to get him to do. I don't think there's one play...we play five more minutes they may beat us, or two minutes. That's the kind of game it was, and we're very proud and happy with the victory."

On Paulus and McRoberts playing in this rivalry for the first time
"It looked like at sometimes that Josh was our coolest guy out there- especially inbounding the ball. I shouldn't say anything about his free throw shooting, but in the last three weeks, he's hit almost every free throw. He just looked like he enjoyed playing tonight. We needed Greg to be that court leader. It's not easy. I've had [Bobby] Hurley in here turning the ball over ten times. I'm not saying he's better than Hurley, but a lot of people don't play well here because of the quality of team your playing against. We're really pleased with that."

On how good Carolina is
"Carolina's really good. We played tonight like there a team that would challenge for the league. They're 5-3. I'm really impressed with their veterans. [Reyshawn] Terry is a superb player. He doesn't rush anything. His two threes really were huge for them. [David] Noel is just a pro. He's going to be a pro. He can play multiple positions and he's a match up problem for us when he plays up top."

Duke Player Quotes
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Josh McRoberts

On the close nature of the game
"Well the same thing kind of happened to us against Boston College; we struggled to keep the lead, but we've got good seniority, and I think we're pretty mentally tough to come back in those situations."

On what he thought when UNC made its run
"They played well and give a lot of credit to them. We knew they were going to come back. They're a good team, and they're well coached. So we knew they were going to make a comeback. I don't think we let up very much. I think it was just them coming back and us not playing as well as we had previously."

On J.J. Redick
"He carries us; he definitely carried us in the end of the game today. That's one of the great things about having the best college player on your team; you can count on him."

Sean Dockery

On J.J. Redick's play
"He's great. He didn't want to lose the game, and he stepped up today. I'm proud of him."

On how Coach Mike Krzyzewski said he wants him to shoot more three pointers
"Whatever Coach says, I'm going to do. He tells me to shoot the ball, and I'm going to shoot the ball. I'm shooting the ball well, and I'm going to keep shooting."

On what it is like to play with Redick
"You know J.J. is going to have a lot of guys coming to him, and sometimes they just forget about me. It's great playing off of him, and it's great playing with him."

On if we just surprised that North Carolina didn't shoot a three pointer at the end
"We just played good defense at the end. They wanted to get the two-pointer and we tried not to let them get the three pointer instead."

On if he doubted the team once Duke lost the lead
"No, we've played tough games all year, and we've shown maturity. Not taking anything away from North Carolina because they played great, but you know, we have J.J. Redick. So he makes big shots in the end."

Lee Melchionni

On the impact of Redick's three pointer at the end of the game
"For him to make those shots at the end, it's a little like daggers, nails in the coffin. And that really sealed the deal for us tonight."

J.J. Redick

On Melchinoni's comment that no other team could have come back when UNC took the lead besides Duke
"Well first off, Lee is the king of overstatements. So I'm not sure if no one else in the country could have won, but very few teams playing on the road against a team like this--because it's a big momentum swing--not many teams could have come back. But I think we are one of those teams that is capable of doing that. There's been a few games where we have proven that when our back are up against the walls, we can win. In all three games, we've made enough plays towards the end to win."

On if he's ever played in a game with so many different runs
"Yes, I have--I can think of some Duke/Carolina games. It seems like it's been typical of games between us, and especially in the Dean Dome. Last year we got a big lead, and then they came back. It seems like every time we play each other we get a double-digit lead or they get a lead. And both teams just show a lot of fight, a lot of heart."

On how it felt to end his last game like that in the Smith Center
"It's very satisfying to win the ballgame. I guess I'm leaving here 2-2 at the Dean Dome. It's not bad, but to come out of here with a win as a senior it feels good."

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