2008 Intro: Delvon Roe

At the age of 16, Delvon Roe already knows exactly what he wants. He wants to play college basketball at a high major school. For most high school basketball players his age, that would just be a dream. But for the 6-foot-8 versatile forward it'll become reality.

Already schools like Michigan, Illinois, Michigan State, North Carolina, Duke, Ohio State, and Louisville are after him.

The 220-pound power forward is long, agile and quite a threat in the post. He's even led St. Edwards to a 12-4 record and he's averaging 20 points, 15 boards and six blocks a game.

"I think I'm having a good sophomore year," Roe said. "I think I need to still work on my perimeter game and get stronger so I can make it to a top D-1 college some day."

Roe doesn't want to be caught off guard when he gets to the next level, so he is preparing himself now. He has recognized that there are certain parts to his game that he can improve on, in order to make him a more complete player.

"I want to be able to play both [positions]," Roe said of playing the forward spots. "I want to be able to be versatile. If I have a shorter guy on me I could take him in the post. But if I have someone my height, but not as quick as I am, [I want to] be able to take him on the perimeter."

Colleges see the potential and many have been to his games this season. Illinois and Ohio State have visited him and Michigan has been to see him six different times. The Wolverines have obviously prioritized Roe already, so he took a visit to Ann Arbor to check out their campus.

"They are pretty hard after me," Roe said of Michigan. "They enjoy the way I play. I really like their program. They are starting to rebuild their program to hopefully one of the top programs you hear about all the time."

This coming weekend Roe plans on going to the Ohio State-Illinois game and will possibly be in attendance for the Michigan State-Illinois game on March 4th.

North Carolina is in the mix with him as well. Roe, who goes to the same high school that Jawad Williams attended, said that he's been impressed by them ever since he was a little kid.

"I just like how they are always good year in and year out," he said about North Carolina. "They are always really good and they always have a high percentage of players that make it to the NBA. It's one of those programs that you always dream about going to. The North Carolinas, the Dukes all of those schools. You always want to be in those types of programs and those types of situations."

But at this time, as he's only a sophomore, there's no rush or pressure in his recruitment right now. Roe is just focused on his academics (3.2 GPA) and playing basketball. He knows exactly what he needs to do to reach his ultimate goal and he isn't letting all of the extra attention get to him.

"It feels good," Roe said about being recruited so early. "But the best thing to try and do is try to be yourself, stay composed and don't let that get to your head."

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