UNC-UM: Roy Williams Quotes + Audio

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – North Carolina coach Roy Williams addressed the media following the Tar Heels' 80-70 win over Miami on Sunday from the BankUnited Center…

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Opening remarks
"Well it was a big-time game for us to say the least. In the second half I was more impressed with my team than I have been all year. We had come out and made a bunch of shots and had just a one-point lead at the half and come out and turn it over on the first possession of the second half and they go down and score to go up. And then we answered. They scored to go up again and we answered again. I think they went up a third time and we answered again. I was again more impressed with our toughness than at any time this year. It so amazes me how much better the game looks when you make shots and we made shots tonight. I told our team the game was going to be won on the defensive side of the floor and we just needed to get one stop here and another stop there – and if we'd get one or two, the way we were playing offensively – we would be fine. But they're a really good basketball team. Those three guys on the perimeter are a load. We're as happy as we can be. We're going to get something to eat as quickly as we can and get out of town as quickly as we can."

What made the game such a physical match between you two?
"When you look at their team you say, ‘They play a lot of zone,' and they do. But they're aggressive with it, and we play man and we're aggressive with it too. I never thought there was anything past hard play, and I like that and I think that's what I see when I see Frank [Haith's] teams play. They're again a load to guard on the perimeter because they're so athletic and with their ability to shoot the ball from deep, they don't have any holes. I thought [Anthony] King was big for them, too. He was tough for him and David [Noel] – they've known each other for some time, but David at 6-5, a lot of times faces a mismatch with big guys."

What did you learn from the first meeting?
"Make shots. I'm not trying to belittle anything, but we're a good basketball team that can be really good when we make shots. I think we work awfully hard defensively. That's not to say we're not going to make some mistakes, because we do. At the game at our place, we have a wide-open three and we miss it. Then we go to the other end and guard like crazy for 30 seconds, then Guillermo [Diaz] jumps up from the top of key with a man in his face and hits the three. Sometimes talent takes over and that's what happened today. It sure as crap wasn't coaching."

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