Lamarcus Aldridge update

<i>Inside Carolina</i>'s David Thompson caught up with Dallas (TX) Seagoville rising junior Lamarcus Aldridge as he prepares for a busy summer on the national stage.

Inside Carolina: What have you been working on this summer as far as your game?

Lamarcus Aldridge: My shooting, dribbling and different post moves.

IC: Are you working out with your high school team or your AAU Team?

Aldridge: Both.

IC: What are your summer plans, for camps and tournaments?

Aldridge: I'm going to be at ABCD camp. This weekend I'm going to Florida [team] camp. Then, I'm going to Las Vegas for the Big Time. That's all I know so far.

IC: Who are you going to be playing with?

Aldridge: Texas Blue Chips – Mitch Malone.

IC: Are you in contact with the North Carolina coaching staff?

Aldridge: I was. I used to call but I've been busy lately. We just talk about my game and how I can improve my playing.

IC: Are you still strong on North Carolina? Is that still where you want to go to school?

Aldridge: Yes, I am. Yes.

IC: Have you got a list of schools at the present time that are strong in your mind or is North Carolina still the strongest?

Aldridge: It's still North Carolina. Iowa State is going hard [after me] now. OU is going hard now. That's like the top two [others] right now. Everybody else is calming down now, but Texas.

IC: Can anyone turn your head away from North Carolina?

Aldridge: No sir.

IC: Are you going to be in touch with the North Carolina staff anytime soon?

Aldridge: I'll probably call them Friday—Matt Doherty.

IC: What do they [UNC coaching staff] say to you about coming to North Carolina?

Aldridge: He said he would like for me to come. He thinks that I can give to the program and help them win.

IC: Do you have a timeline for when you'd like to get an offer and agree to go to a school?

Aldridge: Not right now.

IC: Tell me about your friend, Jason Horton [PG, Cedar Hill, TX]. Have you talked to him lately?

Aldridge: Yes sir. We were playing for the same team [Texas Blue Chips] but not right now. We should be playing for the same team because we play so good together, but we're not.

IC: Do your coaches and your Mom have a preference for where they'd like for you to play?

Aldridge: No, not right now. They'd just have me pick where I want to go right now. My mom—wherever I want to go, that's where I can go.

IC: Are you aware of all the interest in you by Carolina fans [at Inside Carolina]?

Aldridge: I am now [laughing]. I was on there the other day and I was reading it. It feels good, like all my hard work is paying off!

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