Q&A with Reyshawn Terry

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- North Carolina junior Reyshawn Terry answered questions from the media Friday afternoon at the Smith Center practice gym. The Tar Heels play at Wake Forest on Sunday. Read excerpts and listen to the full audio of what he said ...

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Why do you think you all have been able to play so well on the road?

"The team feels that we don't have a whole lot of pressure on us on the road because not a whole lot of people are expecting us to win. We just go in with the attitude that we have nothing to lose."

What do you know about Wake Forest?

"A team like Wake is having its struggles this year, but we really can't afford go in there with a no respect attitude because every game in the ACC is a tough game so you really can't disrespect anybody. We're going to go in with the same approach as any other game in the ACC and hopefully we can get it going early."

What will it be like to start back near your home?

"It will be a whole lot different this year because I've got more of a role and a whole lot of people have been waiting for this moment. I've been waiting for this moment, but at the same time it's strictly business. So, I'm looking forward to going home and performing in front of the home crowd, but I'm really trying to stay focused."

What have you been doing better this year that's enabled this breakout season?

"Just more focused. My intensity level is a lot better and I'm concentrating a whole lot more. Just trying to get that mindset and attitude of practice carrying over to the game."

Coach Williams said he's pushing you more than any other player on the team. How do you take it?

"I take it very well. I'm appreciative of it because I feel like if a coach is pushing you that hard there's a reason behind all of it. I really appreciate coach staying on me and trying to get the most out of me."

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