Roy Williams Friday Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Having won five of the last six games, and with a Sunday matchup at Wake Forest on Sunday, Roy Williams talked with the media on Friday afternoon from the Smith Center practice gym. Read excerpts and listen to the full audio of what he said ...

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Have you had a player who has attracted this many double and triple teams as constantly as Tyler does?

"I've had some really good players who have attracted a lot of extra attention, whether it was Raef LaFrentz or Nick Collison, but the difference was there was so much more experience around those guys that the other teams couldn't do it as consistently as teams are trying to do right now. Around Raef LaFrentz we also had Paul Pierce. Around Nick Collison we also had Kirk Hinrich, Wayne Simen and Drew Gooden. That's the biggest difference there - the experience factor of the players around them."

Are you somewhat surprised that Tyler has kept his composure with the beatings he's taking in the paint?

"That doesn't surprise me. He's just a cool kid. He just competes his tail off and doesn't care what happens. It's not anything outside of basketball that is a concern to him."

Can you talk about Wake Forest and the team's struggles this season?

"They've got three of the top 20 scorers in the ACC. Justin [Gray] and Eric [Williams] were first-team all-ACC in the preseason and are fantastic players. They've been unfortunate, is the way I'd put it. There've been several games where one play here or one play there and they win as opposed to lose ... They really in my opinion just have been unfortunate. ... If it was just one thing, Skip [Prosser] would have already fixed it. ... We've just got to be concerned with our own game and do the things we've been working on each day. ... We understand we're going into a little bit of a hornets nest up there."

On 'pushing' Reyshawn Terry --

"I've pushed him harder this year than any other player on this team and in some ways I've probably pushed him more than any other player since I've been back here - and I've pushed some players awfully hard in my time, too. ... Reyshawn, I think it's been consistent, with each and every practice and game he's understood more -- how deep he can dig -- so I think it's been more gradual with him."

Have you gotten what you expected out of Byron Sanders this year or has it even been more?

"Some games I've been really, really pleased. At Florida State I thought Byron was huge for us. I didn't think Georgia Tech was one of his better games, but he's come in and given us a nice lift. Rebounding and defensive side of the ball is where he needs to remember to keep his focus and if he does that he does help us."

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