Q&A with Tyler Hansbrough

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Coming off his 40-point performance, Tyler Hansbrough answered questions from the media Friday afternoon at the Smith Center practice gym. The Tar Heels play at Wake Forest on Sunday. Read excerpts and listen to the full audio of what he said ...

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Is "fearless" a good description of how you play around the basket?

"I guess you could say that. A lot of people say my game is really intense. But, yeah, I guess that's a good statement."

It seems as though you don't get tired often?

"I do get worn down in the games, I sometimes give Coach the tired signal -- I give it pretty early sometimes. But coach keeps us well conditioned and we're always running."

Do you know much about Eric Williams, are you anticipating a physical game inside against Wake Forest?

"I do know how big Eric is. I haven't watched much of his game, I know he's very physical and I expect it to be a physical game. I plan on coming out there and trying to do some of the same things we've always done, play good defense and walk away with the 'W.'"

How has your diet changed in college?

"I wouldn't say I eat as much because my mom cooked for me a lot in high school and she's not here. So I'd say I'm always walking to the cafeteria and trying to get some food over there. Whenever I do go eat, I try to eat as much as possible. I eat pretty healthy. ... I like to eat a lot of fish and steak. ... I try to eat four of five times a day. I've pretty much maintained at about 235 pounds during the season. I've had points over the break where I was up to about 239 and then I dropped back down. ... How many steaks? I can eat three or four steaks. I'm a big eater, so I can tear some steaks up. If I didn't eat in a while, I can throw some down - probably take a whole cow ..."

To what do you attribute the team's success on the road?

"We love road games 'cause we get to go in someone else's house and try to beat them. But another thing is that it's a different atmosphere. They're not for us and so we may concentrate more and stay focused. We try to block out the crowd and just play our game."

What are you trying to improve on?

"Probably defense, and work on my perimeter shooting. Just running the floor and being able to run the floor every day."

What have things been like since the 40-point game?

"It was kind of funny because after that game all my friends from home, everybody, left a voice mail on my phone. And a lot of people on campus have told me."

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