UNC-WF: Roy Williams Quotes + Audio

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – North Carolina coach Roy Williams talked to reporters following the Tar Heels' 83-72 win over Wake Forest on Sunday at Lawrence Joel Coliseum…

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Opening remarks
"We're ecstatic, to start with. I thought every phase of our game was better in the second half than it was in the first. We didn't feel like did very good job at all of guarding people in the first half. We tried to focus on making it difficult on Eric [Williams] and Justin [Gray], and they scored 15 points and 13 points in the first half. So we tried to focus better and know where they were. We tried to get closer to Justin on his jump shots. We tried to front Eric a little bit more; and if we didn't get in front of him, at least make him score over us where he wouldn't have dunks like he had the whole first half – I think he was 7-for-9 the first half.

"But let's be honest, too; they missed some shots they would normally make. Another key was we were playing much better on the offensive end of the floor. We shoot 54 percent in the second half. We made a couple of big threes. They go up (nine) in the second half, but we didn't panic – the kids kept playing and made a couple of baskets at that time.

"It was big for Reyshawn [Terry] particularly to come back home and play such a prominent role in having a win here. I feel for Skip [Prosser] – he's one of the true gentlemen in the coaching industry. I have a great deal of respect for him. We shot a couple of threes that did go in and they shot a couple that didn't go in. For us we had to rebound better, play offense better and defend better in the second half than we did in the first half. I challenged our guys at halftime because I didn't see any sweat on anybody's forehead at halftime. To me that meant we hadn't worked nearly as hard as I felt like we needed to have worked. And I thought we did a much better job of that in the second half."

On Terry feeling more comfortable
"I think he's been comfortable recently. I think he's been playing very well for us. I got a little mad at him because I thought he was a little lethargic early in the second half with his play. Then when he went back in he was more active. But he's making more jump shots – he started the season 0-for-9 from the three-point line. He's probably up close to 40 percent overall right now, so if you take out that 0-for-9 start, he's shot it pretty well. He didn't rebound the ball today like he's been doing it. This was a big win for him."

More on Terry
"Each and every day he's had better work habits in practice. I've stayed on his tail probably more than anybody on our team. I do expect a lot out of him. I think that he's really got some big time potential, but he's got to work at it. Four weeks ago I had a discussion with him about the Florida State game: ‘Should you still be starting?' And I think that shook him up a little bit. And then since then I've still tried to coach him and give him confidence, and I think he's appreciated that. He's worked much harder in practice and I think that's paid off."

On foul trouble affecting lineup options
"It was tough for us, too. We did a great job defensively and they got four rebounds. Ellis finally snatched it out and put it back in. We were in a little bit of foul trouble. David [Noel] got his fourth and I wasn't very comfortable about that. Tyler [Hansbrough] got his third with seven and something left to play. We tried to play a little more zone to try and give them a little different look and stay out of foul trouble. It was a hard match-up for us with Byron [Sanders] and Tyler in there at the same time. We even went with Reyshawn as a ‘four' man on a couple of occasions."

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