UNC-WF: Locker Room Report

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – Reyshawn Terry, Tyler Hansbrough, Wes Miller and David Noel talked to reporters after the game…

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Reyshawn Terry – AUDIO (2:36)

How does a win like this help you going into Wednesday's game at N.C. State?
"It definitely gives us confidence. We've had some setbacks this season, but we seem to be getting a winning streak going. It's definitely a confidence booster for us and we look forward to going down there and getting a chance to get another road win in the ACC."

How comfortable did you feel out here playing in your hometown?
"It felt great to come here and get another ACC road win, first of all; and second of all, just to do well in front of the home crowd and get a win, like I said. But we have to put this game behind us and get ready for the next road game."

On what you did to come back?
"Coach [Roy Williams] really gets on us and makes us think about things we're supposed to do to prevent having slumps like that in the first half. Once we realized that, we seemed to get it going. But we have to do a better job of coming out earlier and jumping on people."

Was there a time this season you felt things start to turn for you?
"I felt like I've always been confident; because if I wasn't, I wouldn't be here. It seems like I've been really consistent since (the Virginia game). I try to do the same things that I've been doing since that game, to try and get me ready for the games we have ahead."

Tyler Hansbrough – AUDIO (2:14)

"I don't think anybody expected us to do much this year, and it drove us to do a lot more than anyone expected. We came out and played real hard and got a ‘W.'"

On your mindset coming into this game
"We looked at it like, Hey, they may have a couple of tough losses and this could really pick them up, and maybe try and start the season over or something like that. But I think it was mainly another ACC game."

On the match-up with Eric Williams?
"They really look for Eric a lot, and he gets a lot of touches. I think that match-up was more difficult than some."

Wes Miller – AUDIO (1:15)

"We feel like we've secured an (NCAA) bid, but we're never going to sit back and say now were satisfied. We're trying to do as well as we can in the ACC, and if we take one game at a time, we'll be fine when the Selection Committee makes the decisions."

On Coach Williams challenge to the team at halftime
"He said he didn't think anybody was sweating. He said that's just unacceptable. ‘You guys aren't playing with the energy and intensity that we play with here at Carolina.' All of our coaches just urged us to look inside ourselves and turn things around. And I think we did a better job in the second half."

On the upcoming game at N.C. State
"There's no question it's big rivalry. The Carolina-State game is always a big game no matter what is going on. It's certainly a big game at this point in the season. We're both trying to move up in the conference standings. And it's the next game, and that's the biggest reason it's a big game. We'll be ready Wednesday night and I'm sure State will be too."

David Noel – AUDIO (1:38)

"We have a team in which everyone is hungry and just wants to play basketball."

How frustrating was today for you because of the fouls?
"It was real frustrating, but when I got in foul trouble our stepped and played real good ball. That's what I like about this team, when one guy goes down, the other guys have got their back."

Is there a certain point you can sense when things changed for Reyshawn?
"That's the way he's been pretty much all year; I know it didn't show in his play early in the season. But he's always been that capable player. He's worked a lot more on his game and his shot. Just now shots are falling for him, and that's helping his confidence."

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