Bonus Photos: UNC vs. WF

Didn't get enough photos from yesterday's game? Here are some bonus shots for IC subscribers provided by our photographer, Jim Hawkins ...

Danny Green continues to lead the Heels in blocked shots

Bobby Frasor dunks on the breakaway

Tyler Hansbrough didn't hit 40 again, but his 17 points and 6 rebounds were still a big help

Marcus Ginyard made several key plays which helped the Heels pull away

Reyshawn Terry draws the foul

Roy Williams can only laugh at the lack of a foul call on Terry's three-pointer

David Noel fights for the rebound

Byron Sanders pulls the ball away from WF's Justin Gray

Wes Miller hit another three-pointer on Sunday

Hansbrough dives for the ball

Mike Copeland grabs a rebound as he saw some first-half playing time

Frasor runs the show

Terry and WF's Trent Strickland pursue the loose ball

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