Roy Williams Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program Monday night? Here are some excerpts of what he said on the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

Opening comments –

"Sunday evening was a lot nicer trip driving back from Winston-Salem than it could have been. This week was an unusual week because we had two games where we didn't play very well at all in the first half and came out in the second half with much better focus, much more effort and came out and made shots. It was a good week, but we've got some work cut out for us left."

What do you say to them at halftime to improve their play in the second half?

"First, that gives coaching too much credit. Secondly, what I did Wednesday night I hope I don't have to do very often. Wednesday night was not a good halftime, I'm glad they don't have cameras in the locker room. David Noel said it best – ‘Tasmanian Devil,' going around the room a bit. I didn't do that yesterday; I did get on them a great deal. I even said, ‘Look, you don't see any sweat on your arms. I'm sweating more than you are.' I think it was a lack of effort and concentration. Wednesday night I did get a little carried away at halftime, and I don't like to do that."

On Tyler Hansbrough's big week -

"He's a unique young man. His calf has been really bothering him – we held him out of what we did [in practice]. The most amazing thing is he gets 40 on Wednesday night, had Thursday off but Thursday afternoon at 4:00 he was in the gym working on his free throws."

On Reyshawn Terry's performance against Wake Forest –

"I got on him early in the second half because I didn't think he was working as hard as he needed to work. even after the halftime thing. But he went back out there and made a couple big-time threes for us, took it to the basket and made free throws. He was very good early, had a lull like the whole team did. I'm extremely proud of that youngster. He's working exceptionally hard. There isn't anybody on the team that I stay on harder than him. It seems to be working, because he seems to be more focused and hopefully he'll keep doing that."

On playing at No. 15 NC State on Wednesday -

"We played pretty well when we had them here last time. Then we made some big plays down the stretch, got some lucky bounces and scored the last 13 points of the game. We'll have our hands full over there. We've been very lucky against those guys and we need to try and keep it going."

On Michael Copeland's development -

"I always keep an open mind. But we feel very good about the rotation we have and the kids we have playing. It's pretty simple in coaching, the kids who play best in practice play most in games. David, Byron and Tyler are playing better. It is still a question more on the defensive end of the floor for Michael, he does have the ability to score, but we've got to get him to concentrate more on catching the ball and on the defensive end. He is a youngster that is behind those other three guys because they are playing better."

What happened to Justin Bohlander?

"Justin made a decision last year that he had had all the basketball he wanted and at that time just wanted to become a college student and not play basketball. We would have been very interested in keeping him because he could have done some things to help us, but it was his decision."

On going to the zone against Wake Forest -

"We just needed something to change the tempo. Joe Holladay made the suggestion. We'd talked about it before the game of playing some zone – did not do it in the first half -- and it did help us, but it also helped that they started missing some shots they made earlier."

On the team's offensive efficiency in the second half against Wake with only five turnovers –

"If we can get through games where we're only turning it over 4-5 teams each half, I'm going to be really excited."

Can you comment on State's offense?

"Herb doesn't like that Princeton Offense label. And it's really not. What they do is they spread the floor and get everything wider and higher. They do look for some backdoor cuts, they do look for spacing so they can post somebody up. And they like a lot of penetration and pitch so they can shoot a lot of three-point shots. But it's not really the Princeton Offense that Pete Carril ran. It's something that Herb took some good things from and it's evolved to where when I see it now I see it in terms of ‘There's someone running the NC State Offense.' I do think Herb has added so many things to it. It puts a great deal of pressure to guard the three-point line and the backdoor cuts. And that's hard to do because it's hard to defend 45 feet."

Talk about Tyler's growth over time … assuming some of the incoming freshmen have some potential inside, will that free him up and make him more effective?

"With Tyler, he is going to get better. He does shoot the ball okay from 10-15 feet. … That boy's bread and butter is down there in the paint He will be able to step out and I think he's going to continue to get better in every phase of his game. With the guys coming in we're going to have some more size and more depth up front and I think everybody next year will see Tyler do some more things. Let's not try to get pretty. You've got to dance with what brung ya and he's a lot to cover in the paint. He will always have some opportunities there, and we want to give him a more well-rounded game, but his strength is his strength."

"Roy Williams Live" airs Monday evenings on Tar Heel Sports Network affiliates.

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