Tuesday Player Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – North Carolina players David Noel, Bobby Frasor and Wes Miller spoke to reporters prior to Tuesday's practice. Read & listen to what they had to say…

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David Noel – AUDIO (5:35)

How did the first N.C. State game set the tone for start of the ACC season?
"It was very big for us. For us to get a big win against a quality opponent like State here at home definitely set a tone for us going into the ACC. We have another chance to go up there and get one. Hopefully we can play a little bit better game than we did here, but come out with the same results."

On the team's success on the road
"I have no idea, but the road has been good to us and hopefully we can continue to make the road good to us. I don't know if we focus a lot more or just bring our own energy or something like that. But we're doing good on the road and hopefully the road will continue to be good to us."

What has been the main theme of this successful stretch?
"We just got back to running transition defense and transition offense. We locked down on people in the half court. We played a lot better defense. And for the most part we're knocking down open shots – that's definitely helped us out a lot. Through that stretch, we were averaging like 25 turnovers. That's something we've limited somewhat and that's helped us pull out some big wins."

What have you been able to tell the younger guys about specifically playing in Raleigh?
"That they have the worst fans ever. I told them you're going to hear something that you never thought you would hear a day in your life. That's just the way fans are, especially at State. Just focus out and focus on the court. Just be prepared to play 40 minutes of basketball, because it's a lot more fun at the end of the game when they're quiet."

Bobby Frasor – AUDIO (4:04)

What did you take away from the first game with State?
"You've got to compete every possession to win."

Was there one play from that game that you remember the most?
"I remember a steal where David [Noel] deflected the pass on the wing and I was in the post and got it. It led a break and we got a layup I think."

On Noel saying at Raleigh, ‘You'll hear things you've never heard before.'
"That's what I hear, so I'm expecting the worst. But this team on the road… I don't know what it is about us, but that stuff doesn't get to us."

Can you talk about how this team's confidence has evolved since the start of the season, how important it is to your success and where it stands right now?
"It's real important. After the first game, even though we won, everybody was a little bit shaky. Then we got a win again, and then we played Illinois really tough. After that it really started taking a snowball effect a solo effect, and everyone getting really comfortable and playing their style of basketball. Ever since then, with the start of the ACC and all these other big-time wins, we've come out with some big-time wins and everyone has just been more confident and playing within themselves."

Wes Miller – AUDIO (4:21)

On the team's continued improvement
"We've improved throughout the year and steadily gotten better on the defensive end of the floor, moving the ball, coming together as a team. The goal is to keep improving - getting better every day -- and if we do that we can build upon the success we've already had."

Are you at all surprised at the team's success?
"I really believe the only people who are surprised are the people outside this locker room - outside this team. We've set high goals for ourselves and we haven't reached them yet - we're still striving for them."

Other players may have more physical gifts, how have you been able to succeed?
"It's a combination of things. First, I've really worked on my defense and improved. ... And then the other thing is you're in this system for a couple years and you learn -- it's a matter of listening to the coaching staff, doing the drills. So I guess it's a combination of improving and the knowledge [gained]."

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