Perkins - NBA? Probably, but just in case ...

If Kendrick Perkins decided to go to college (and that's a pretty hefty IF), North Carolina could have the inside track to land the big man from Texas.

The 6-11, 270-pound junior is sticking around Beaumont, Texas, for the majority of the summer instead of traveling on the AAU circuit. However, he will make an appearance at the Adidas ABCD Camp in early July.

"He's only played one time all spring," said Beaumont Ozen coach Andre Boutte, who also serves as a mentor of sorts for Perkins. "He's activities have been geared to individual workouts with a trainer here in Beaumont."

"His main focus since our season ended has been strength and conditioning," added Boutte.

Boutte said that only a handful of schools have really kept tabs on Perkins and his development.

"We respect the other man's opinion and what they choose to do," he said about certain schools not bothering to recruit Perkins because they believe he's headed straight to the NBA. "But one thing that no one can say about us is that we've made a circus out of his recruitment."

Hardly. In fact, it's been one of the least-talked about situations in the recruiting world.

Texas, UNC, Miami, Texas A&M, Alabama, Houston and Memphis are the contenders for Perkins if he opts for college instead of the pros – and it won't hurt the Tar Heels that they got in earlier than the rest. Other factors will be whether a program already has established big men in the program and if they have quality guards that will be able to make life easier for Perkins.

"Those are all the schools that have stayed on his trail and that are interested in him," Boutte added. "But I don't really want him zeroing in on any schools. They've all come down and seen him."

Don't expect Perkins to pull a Tyson Chandler or a DeAngelo Collins and never really consider the recruiting process, either. He'll likely take a couple visits early in the fall and then commit to a school. However, there's still a good chance he'll follow in Eddy Curry's footsteps and never step foot on campus after verbally committing to college.

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