UNC-NCSU: Locker Room Report + Audio

RALEIGH, N.C.--Tar Heel basketball players David Noel, Tyler Hansbrough, Wes Miller, and Reyshawn Terry share their thoughts following UNC's 95-71 victory over the N.C. State Wolfpack at the RBC Center.

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David Noel (Audio)

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I was able to rise up and knock down some tough shots.

Were you trying to take away the three and maybe give up a lay-up? How do you think you did on that?

Yeah, I think we did great on that. In the second half I don't think they made a three, and that was the biggest thing. Coach [Williams] showed us in their wins that they make 10 or more threes and in losses they make six or less. That's something that we definitely concentrated on and wanted to take away from their game.

Why is this team winning on the road all the time? What is it about going on the road?

Guys just step up and battle. We know it's just us. We don't have our fan base to rely on when we are on the road, so we know it's just us. We have that camaraderie and we have that trust in each other that we are going to watch each others backs on the road and I think that's what brings it out of us.

Was the crowd worse tonight? Anything special?

Nah, they actually got a little creative tonight. I looked in the stands and saw a couple of signs that were kind of funny. They still did their usual cussing us out and saying 'Go to H--l, Carolina, all that type stuff. But it was a lot better at the end of the game than it was at the beginning--for us, anyway.

You are a senior and a native of the state. Tell me what it is like to go out in your last regular season game against NC State like this.

It was definitely big for me personally, but like I said, it was even bigger for this team for us to come up here and get a big road win like this with a battle for second place at hand, so it definitely helps us out a lot in the seedings. We will definitely get a better seeding in the ACC Tournament and hopefully the NCAA Tournament.

You said that before the game you felt really good. How important was that for you to get into the flow of the game? You started off fairly fast.

I did that kind of on purpose to make sure that I was able to get out and make sure that I was feeling the way I thought I was feeling. The first couple didn't go down for me, but after that they started falling for me and I just continued to play ball from there. God blessed me with a big game tonight.

Tyler Hansbrough (Audio)

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Rebounding has been this team's strength. You had at least 14-15 possessions where you got two, three, sometimes four shots. How much do you think that did to demoralize them, kind of soften them up?

Well, it was key. I think that we came out and got a lot of boards. Anytime you can get a lot of offensive boards you have more chances to score. It's always going to be crucial in games.

Is it fair to say that a lot of their defensive strategy was to try to neutralize you as much as possible and throw a lot at you? Other guys seemed to get a wide open off of the challenged shots underneath.

Definitely. I think David played really well. He hit a lot of shots. At times they may have come at me and David with his ability to go by somebody or pull up and shoot, that was key to the game.

Where did their defense break down? Where were you all able to take advantage?

I think the main point, again, was offensive boards. Just having more attempts to score, that was crucial.

Tell us about David--what has his leadership meant to this team, even off the court?

I mean, a lot. David, from day one he was going to be our leader, and he has meant a lot. He's a national champion who has been through a lot and he knows what it's like. Especially, he kind of guides us, the youngsters--myself and everybody else--and knows how to lead us.

Wes Miller (Audio)

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Honestly, it doesn't [surprise me that we are this good]. North Carolina Basketball, that's what it's about. For North Carolina's history they have competed in the league and we expected to do the same this year. I know people outside of this locker room didn't expect that, but, like I said, we set high goals for ourselves coming into the season and we are still striving to reach those goals. So, no, it's not surprising to me. I don't think it's surprising to anybody here.

Was winning over here by 20 a surprise at all?

Well, you know, you always expect it to be a battle in any ACC game, no question. You expect it to be a dog fight, but we were fortunate. Like I said, we played hard, played with effort and intensity for 40 minutes and played together. They didn't make some of the shots that they have been making this year. We were fortunate in that respect as well and able to build a nice little lead.

Are you guys the second-best team in the ACC?

That's for you all to decide. Really, we are just taking it one game at a time and we think we can play with anybody in the country. How everybody ranks us, we can't control that. We are just trying to take it one game at a time and every game we go in thinking we can win.

You talked about David coming out [and scoring early]. He talked a little smack about the NC State fans before the game--I don't know if you realized that or not. He said they had the worst fans, and then he came out and had a huge performance and kind of backed it up.

Oh, yeah. This is a hostile environment here. It's always been like that, I think, as far as I can remember. It's nice to come in and try to take them out of the game early. I think it's always fun to go on the road and take the crowd out of the game, and I think we were able to do that tonight.

Reyshawn Terry (Audio)

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What does it mean to come in here and get another big win on the road?

It's a blessing. [We are] just fortunate enough to get another big win in the ACC and definitely give us confidence heading into Sunday's game.

What is it about the road that galvanizes this team and brings you all together?

We just like to get after it on the road. It just feels so much better to come into somebody else's house and take their candy from them, so we like to get after people like that.

How was the crowd tonight? David said beforehand that it's a rough crowd. What was it like tonight?

Pre-game, they were riding us pretty hard, but you know. A lot of times when crowds ride me a lot, it just means I'm having a good game. I love when crowds ride me because that just means I'm going to take it all in and take it out on the team on the court. It can really never get to us because we were making shots and getting defensive stops. It was good having the crowd not get into it.

Defensively, what were they doing that you were able to exploit on the offensive end?

We were just moving the ball and screening. They were just getting tired on the defensive end, and we were able to find the open guy and make shots.

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