Bonus Photos: UNC vs. NCSU

Didn't get enough photos from yesterday's game? Here are some bonus shots for IC subscribers from our photographer, Jim Hawkins ...

Though Roy Williams didn't record any assists, the Tar Heels had 24 of them.

David Noel led the domination on the boards.

There were many reasons for the Tar Heels to smile in the double-digit win.

Marcus Ginyard scored 9 points, including this dunk, in only 9 minutes.

Bobby Frasor gets some coaching from Joe Holladay.

The State fans can only watch as Wes Miller hits one of his five three-pointers.

Quentin Thomas waits for the call, while the Carolina bench gives its opinion.

Tyler Hansbrough scores 2 of his 17 points.

Roy Williams urges on the troops.

Ginyard's eyes are always on the ball.

Reyshawn Terry ....

... with ...

... authority!

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