Roy Williams Friday PC Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- The UNC head coach spoke to reporters on Friday during his weekly press conference at the Smith Center. Read & listen to some of what he had to say...

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How do you find negatives from a game like you had on Wednesday?
"I don't know that I try to do that. I think you try to find negatives if they're easy to find. Ift they're not easy to find, you don't make something up unless you feel like you have to do that to get you're players attention. And I don't feel like I need to do that. We know we've made some mistakes, but at the same time, I've spent zero time going around trying to find mistakes. As a matter of fact, we're not talking at all about the State game today. We haven't even mentioned it. We're just trying to go out and have a little workout ourselves before we have work on before Sunday."

In what area have you seen the most significant amount of progress in these last seven or eight games?
"I don't want to say turnovers, because we'll probably have 400 of them on Sunday. But I think we're understanding you can't turn the sucker over. I watched a tape of the first State game, and Danny [Green] didn't have a good game; Wes [Miller] didn't have a good game; Quentin [Thomas] didn't have a good game. Reyshawn [Terry], David [Noel] and Tyler [Hansbrough] sort of got us through; and Bobby [Frasor] was great in the second half. So we have improved, and I hope we've improved since we played Maryland as well. We didn't play very well in the first half up there; I think we had 15 turnovers at halftime. So, knock on wood, that's one thing that has been huge for us. And I think, with each and every game, they're understanding the significance of playing extremely hard on the defensive end of the floor."

On the team's success rebounding without a big front line
"We've always had success rebounding the ball because we emphasize it so much. But the kids have to buy into it and do it on game day, not just in practice. I think rebounding is so crucial, so I emphasize it great deal, and the kids buy into it."

On the team's bench production
"The way we play, we always need to get good minutes off the bench because I'm going to play people and give guys a chance. If you screw it up I'm still going to give you another chance, it just might not be for as long. But for us what we get from Danny [Green] coming off the bench, the defense from Byron [Sanders]; Quentin; Marcus [Ginyard]; I think that's been really important to us."

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