UNC-MD: Gary Williams Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – The Maryland coach spoke to reporters following the game…

Opening remarks
"We've been inconsistent as a team, especially on the defensive end this year. For that you pay the price. I said this before the game, I felt Carolina was playing the best basketball right now. During the season there are different teams that get hot and for Carolina, winning eight of their last nine with the only loss coming to Duke, it looks that way. They certainly have the size and their guards do what they have to do. They work hard on defense. They really attack."

On Maryland cutting the Tar Heel lead to 11 and having David Noel key a Carolina spurt
"As long as they you keep scoring, it is going to stay around 11. Noel can do that, but we should score. I remember one possession where we missed a lay-up and we counted seven at halftime that we missed. That's something we have to be able to do. To get it to 11 was good; we worked hard to get it there.

"When you look at Carolina this year, [Tyler] Hansbrough deserves all the attention he gets. [Reyshawn] Terry and Noel really show you something in terms of their ability to wait their turn and come in and play like they have this year. I believe those two guys have really improved a ton."

On getting enough looks against the Tar Heel defense
"Lay-ups are decent looks. They just didn't go in. Once you get looks, that's all you can do. They get the ball to Hansbrough seven feet from the basket they feel pretty good like they are going to score. We get the ball that close and we have to score from the post."

On Maryland's defense tonight
"Defense is a long term thing. It's a matter of dedication. That is a lot of defense and rebounding, also. There's not a whole lot of technique, it's a matter of wanting to. Every good defensive player I've coached has really wanted to play defense and work really hard. I think everybody wants to play games. Once the game starts everybody wants to play really hard defense but you have to it on the days you don't have games in practice."

On difference between leading Carolina at half in their last meeting and tonight
"We have to win the games. It is not just a one-half game. Carolina is playing better now than they were up in Maryland. We're playing about the same. With that combination there is the reason for the outcome today."

On Roy [Williams] coaching job this season
"Roy is a very a good coach obviously. Even before he came to Carolina. He didn't have to come here to cement that fact. The two older players, Terry and Noel, whatever Roy did with them is tremendous in terms of how solid they have been all year for them. Sometimes it is hard when a freshman comes in, like Hansbrough, that gets so much attention. It's hard for the veteran players to accept that, but it looks like the Carolina players have done a great job of including him. He gets a lot of looks early in their offense which is always a good sign of a team that really believes in what they are trying to do. From the outside, that is the best thing that I see."

On rating Hansbrough's season
Right there with Joe Smith's. Joe was freshman of the year and then Naismith Player of the Year his sophomore season and then he left. I think Hansbrough has that same work ethic. They walk on the court and they play hard, then they walk off the court. It is just a tremendous thing."

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