Jason Horton Interview, Part III

CEDAR HILL, TEXAS -- <i>Inside Carolina</i>'s David Thompson traveled to Cedar Hill High School to attend the workout of point guard Jason Horton, a 2004 Carolina target. In the third installment of a week-long spotlight, Horton talks about his recruitment.

Inside Carolina: What are you looking for in schools as they are recruiting you?

Jason Horton: A combination of academics and athletics. That's very important. I want to leave a school knowing the degree is worth something.

IC: Do you have a certain area of study in which you're interested?

Horton: Not right now. I have a few but none in particular that stand out right now.

IC: How are you doing in the classroom?

Horton: I'm doing real good. I have a 3.62 GPA.

IC: How important is immediate playing time to you, as a freshman?

Horton: It's kind of important, if that's what I'm blessed with, if that's the situation I come in with, I love it. But I have no problems playing one year behind a great point guard that will give me a chance to learn and see.

IC: When did you get your first recruiting letter and who was it from?

Horton: I think it was in the eighth grade, I got a letter from Texas.

IC: If you could have a dream career, what would it look like?

Horton: I'd love to get a state championship. That would be a good thing to have as a high school competitor – a state championship. Of course, I think every college player would love a national championship and I have that dream also. Like every other basketball player, I'd love to be in the league if I'm blessed enough to that opportunity.

IC: Have any NBA teams been in touch with you?

Horton: Not with me. Not that I know of, I haven't had any scouts in contact with me.

IC: What's your favorite thing about the recruiting process?

Horton: Getting a chance to see a lot of campuses. Talk to a lot of coaches and their experiences in basketball.

IC: How about your least favorite part about being recruited?

Horton: My least favorite thing is having to make the decision. Because it's hard! All these great schools offering you scholarships. It's not easy at all.

IC: What do you think of the North Carolina coaching staff?

Horton: I like their coaching staff. They're very friendly with me and I like Coach Wojcik a lot. He's real cool. I like him.

IC: As you're thinking about schools, has a list of schools formed in your mind that you're really interested in?

Horton: I have a sort of personal list, but basically I'm all open right now.

(Editor's Note – Jason gave a list of Arizona, UNC, Texas and Michigan when asked at the TOC.)

IC: Is Carolina on that list?

Horton: Yes sir, they're on there.

IC: Are they pretty strong on there?

Horton: They're real strong on it.

IC: Do you have any kind of timetable that you want to receive offers and make a decision about a school?

Horton: Not really, there's no timetable. Whenever it happens, I just pray about it and hope I'll be ready to make the right decision whenever it comes about.

IC: Would certain players staying or leaving impact your decision about a school?

Horton: Well, a little bit, if that certain player leaves and I have a chance to go in there and play a lot as a freshman, that's going to influence my decision a lot.

IC: Are there any schools that aren't in touch with you that you wish would get in touch with you?

Horton: A lot of schools have gotten in touch with me, but no school in particular.

IC: Carolina had a very difficult season this past year. Has that made you have second thoughts about considering them at all?

Horton: Honestly, it did a little bit. But, they'll get it back on track. I think that was just one of the down years that every university has so I think they'll get it back on track.

IC: Will their upcoming season have any effect on your decision at all?

Horton: Well, a little. But I think they're going to be a real competitive team. It's a rebuilding year so I think they'll be pretty good. I think it'll have a little effect on my decision.

IC: You've heard about some players that have left Carolina during the past year. How does that affect your thinking?

Horton: It impacted it a little bit. It just made me look at the situation a little closer to try to find out why they left. I think, in the long run, it probably won't have any effect on my decision.

IC: Are you satisfied that, despite the reasons they left, that it wouldn't impact you?

Horton: Yeah, I've been satisfied. It's not going to affect my decision. I don't think it's going to affect my decision any.

IC: Have you talked to the University of North Carolina lately?

Horton: Lately, as in the last week, I think Coach Wojcik called the school last week, I think, and I didn't get to talk to them.

IC: What are they talking about concerning your game and how it fits Carolina?

Horton: They tell me I could possibly be one of the best point guards to leave North Carolina if I go there. They just tell me that they basically play with whatever personnel they have. I mean, if they have guards that can play up tempo, they play that. If they have guys who play better in the half-court offense, they do that.

IC: That's saying a lot with guys like Phil Ford, Kenny Smith and guys like Raymond coming in! How does that make you feel?

Horton: It makes me feel real good! I mean, that's a heck of a compliment! That's [laughing] a real good compliment to me…

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