Jason Horton Interview, Part I

CEDAR HILL, TEXAS -- <i>Inside Carolina</i>'s David Thompson traveled to Cedar Hill High School to attend the workout of point guard Jason Horton, a 2004 Carolina target. In the first installment of a week-long spotlight, Horton discusses his recent weekend in Chapel Hill.

Inside Carolina: You just had a great tournament at Carolina. How do you feel about your play at the TOC?

Jason Horton: I just tried to play hard and did what I had to do to give my team a chance to win. Just play hard and keep fundamentals in mind.

IC: Did you notice any excitement about you there from the Carolina fans?

Horton: Yeah, I noticed a little excitement. I liked it a little bit. That made me have more interest in Carolina–their fans–more interest.

IC: Did you get to tour around the campus and see all the basketball facitilities?

Horton: Yes, I toured the basketball facilities and it's the best I've ever seen! I've seen Michigan and Duke and that's the best I've ever seen.

IC: Were you able to spend any time thinking over the University of North Carolina while you were there?

Horton: My trip to North Carolina, it probably increased my interest in them a lot. I didn't know it was that nice. It really had a lot of influence. Now they're way up on my list.

IC: What did you think about Chapel Hill?

Horton: The town, it was real nice. It was beautiful, really. It's a beautiful campus and I'd love to be there one day.

IC: Does the distance bother you at all?

Horton: No, it doesn't bother me at all. I mean, I'd love to have my family see me play but they'd see me play there often, so distance is not a factor.

IC: Was your family with you at the TOC?

Horton: My father was there. He coaches our team [Team Texas Elite]. I had a little support there.

IC: What did your father think about Chapel Hill?

Horton: He loved it, too. Neither he or I have ever been there so it was a great experience and we really loved it.

IC: Did you get to talk to any students while you were at the TOC?

Horton: I didn't get to talk to any students – well I got to talk to Jackie Manuel a little. Actually, I was standing there in a conversation with my Dad. He asked him how his experience was at North Carolina, was it everything he dreamed, I mean expected, and he basically said "Yes." He said he loved it up there.

IC: You and Lamarcus Aldridge are good friends but you're playing on a new AAU team this year since you left for Team Texas Elite. The other day he was saying how he wished you were playing on the same team because you play well together. Tell me about your AAU team and this decision.

Horton: I play for Team Texas Elite which is Nike circuit and he's still with the Blue Chips which is on the adidas circuit, but maybe next time we can get to play together. Yes, it was a very hard decision. It was kind of like a decision me and my father--really my father, he made for me to play with Team Texas Elite.

IC: What camps and tourneys are you going to be at this summer?

Horton: I'm going to be at Nike All American this year but I think we're going up to New York next weekend, Rumble in the Bronx, so I should probably match up against [Telfair] there.

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