Coaches Discuss Staff Changes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- After announcing the hire of Danny Pearman as the new defensive ends coach and Dave Brock's promotion to recruiting coordinator, Tar Heel head man John Bunting joined the two coaches for a Thursday afternoon teleconference with the media. Listen to the full audio and read some excerpts ...

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Bunting's Opening Remarks -

"Here to announce that we've made a hire for our defensive end opening - a guy who has lots of football coaching experience in both this league and another league on championship teams. My estimation from playing against Virginia Tech the last couple of years, the positions he coached -- tights ends and offensive tackle -- were the best coached positions on the field. I think he's going to do a great job switching over to coach defense - that's Danny Pearman, he's a Carolina native. I've been around him recruiting for a few years now and I know he recruits extremely well. This state is very important and he'll do a great job in this state and out of this state.

"I'm also pleased to announce we've elevated Dave Brock to assistant head coach and recruiting coordinator. He's had that title as of a couple days ago and he's already done a great job getting our staff excited about the way we're going to continue to recruit and elevate our recruiting ability. We all know how important this state is and what a great job we've done in it the last couple of years and I think Dave will take it to another level for this staff. Once again, he'll be the assistant head coach, recruiting and wide receivers, and Danny Pearman will be the defensive end coach and will have a piece of North Carolina to recruit."

Pearman's Opening Remarks -

"I'm excited, ecstatic to have the opportunity to work for Coach Bunting and the University of North Carolina. Being a native of North Carolina, coming back home to where I grew up, is very important. I know how important high school football is in this state, not only to our coaches but the players themselves. To have the opportunity to work at a university such as North Carolina and a coach like Coach Bunting -- who not only has played at this school but played in the NFL and coached in the NFL and been a part of a Super Bowl team - I'm just excited about the opportunity for me and my family to join his staff."

Brock's Opening Remarks -

"It's an exciting opportunity to take over a recruiting program that has had so much success the last couple years. We look forward to building on that success and we're looking forward to dominating the state of North Carolina for years to come. It's great to be charged with that by Coach Bunting and we're looking forward to doing that."

Pearman on switching from coaching offense to defense -

"I'm excited about it - I coached defensive tackles one season at Alabama and then switched back over when I was at Virginia Tech. I'm excited about the change and being on the other side of the football here."

Bunting on why he chose Brock for the recruiting coordinator spot -

"Over the summer months when recruiting was heating up ... Dave was very much involved. He's got great communication skills, he's got leadership skills, he's a bulldog as a recruiter and I think he's going to take our recruiting format deep into the 21st century. We're going to utilize a lot of our talent in this building and get an even better feel for the younger players - to get to know who they are sooner and get on them faster. Once again, in this state in particular, we had a great year last year, we know it's a big year coming up and our coaches under his direction will work extremely well."

Bunting on targeting Pearman -

"I have a very close friend on the Virginia Tech staff and I told him 'When I have an opening here at North Carolina, watch out, I might come after Danny Pearman.' I told him that about three years ago because I think he's a doggone good football coach. Football coaches can coach any position and Danny is one of them - just like Kenny Browning. Most important, the integrity he brings to our program is very, very important to me. That's the way I want my staff to be. And I think is going to be, once again, the best staff I've ever had."

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