Roy Williams Friday PC Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – North Carolina coach Roy Williams spoke to reporters on Friday from the Smith Center in advance of upcoming regular-season finale at Duke. Read & listen to what he had to say…

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On the tradition of last possessions in the series with Duke and what is the key to winning a last possession game?
"Each and every game has been a little different. Our first year here, Chris Duhon made a big time play. We had two guys get in the way of each other instead of helping each other. Chris takes it all the way down and scores, so it's just the case of an upperclassman making a big time play. Over at their place we had a chance to tie and we lost it. Last year we didn't make a big play. And I think that was a turning point for our entire season, because Raymond [Felton] became even more aggressive at that point, even though that it wasn't only Raymond that didn't make a play. Here, we made a big time play at the end. The first time this year, we had the ball and a chance to tie at the end and Danny [Green] had a lot of criticism because he didn't take a three – and he should have. But he instinctively drove the ball to the basket for a two when he should have been looking for a three. They were seniors making plays on the other end and we were inexperienced making plays. I think normally it just takes guys to step up, and usually it's someone who's done it before."

Do you have someone who can do that on Saturday?
"I think we do. There's always another mixture in there that people leave out, it's how good the other team is. We've had some guys that have stepped up for us in some big time games, and I think we have some people capable of doing that. But, once again, sometimes the other team doesn't allow you to do that. After 26 games we've learned a great deal and gained some experience. But [David Noel] is the only one on our team that's ever started a game over there. We've got five who've never even been to a game over there, so it will be a unique experience for them."

On guarding J.J. Redick
"There's no question, every time he shoots the ball I'm going to be hoping he misses it. I think you can cover him at different levels and we want to cover him as best as we can. Here the first three he made when we had a five-point lead, I thought we had him covered pretty doggone well, but he still made the shot. Sometimes big time players can make shots even when they're guarded. A lot of people in the NBA thought they had Michael Jordan guarded. So I think you can affect him, but he's still got to miss them."

Will it help that Redick has not played as well in his last couple of games?
"If you think about it we're playing Duke at Duke, at Cameron, Senior Game, J.J. Redick's last game – I don't feel like it's going to be a bad night for the boy. And it's Shelden [Williams'] last game. I sort of think that Shelden will block a shot and will make a field goal. So you just put all of that into it. But what he's done before won't have a lot to do with what he'll do tomorrow night. If I thought it would, I've have a recorded message ringing his cell phone every 30 seconds telling him, ‘Boy, you've played pretty poorly these last couple of games.' But, no, we always tell our guys the last play has nothing to do with this next one."

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