Friday Player Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- With the rematch against Duke set for Saturday, Tar Heel players Tyler Hansbrough, Danny Green, Marcus Ginyard and Wes Miller talked with the media Friday at the Smith Center ...

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"Obviously we're playing better now, we're starting to come together as a team and starting to improve. Coming into this Duke game it's going to be a little different. It's at their place, which to me is a great thing because they beat us here so it'd be nice to go over there and beat them. We've been in a lot of road games, but they say the Cameron Crazies are crazy like their name. I'm excited about it - I'm not going to care what they do, I'm going to stay within my game.

"You talk about the fans and atmosphere, that's what makes the game so exciting, but for me as a player, I'm not going to listen to them."


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"[The first game] gave us a lot of confidence. We knew we could play with any team out there but that proved that we could play with any team out there and from there we knew what we were capable of."

"A couple of the older guys talked to us about it, but I'm expecting there to be a lot of crazy fans, atmosphere will be wild, it'll be really hot -- I'm expecting a good game."


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"Yeah [I've taken ice baths like Tyler does after games]. It's a little shocking when you first get in there, but I try to do it every day, but I won't lie to you - his is definitely at least 10 degrees colder than mine. He can handle it but I can't. I keep mine around 50 degrees, but I've seen him down around the 40s.

"Everybody knows this is a big-time game, not only because it's the last regular season game, but it's also an opportunity for revenge and it's Carolina-Duke. So its three big ways to look at the game."

"The biggest thing we learned from [the last play against Duke earlier this year] was not only to know the time and situation, but just to understand that each possession is so critical. We didn't look at that possession after the game as the losing possession. We went back and watched film later and went through every single play that we could have easily changed and how big of a difference in the outcome it could have made. Just being smarter with our passes .. it's amazing after you watch the tape when you go back and see what the score would have been if we hadn't made so many mistakes."


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"If anything, from the last game we learned that you can't have lapses like we did at the beginning of the second half and spot them 17 points. We made a big run there, but it's tough when you give a team as talented and as good as Duke a 17-point lead, it's tough to put yourself in the position to win that game. We hopefully won't have any periods like that throughout the game where we make a lot of mistakes."

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