Coach: 'Craddock a Man Among Boys'

North Carolina received a big-time 2006 commitment from 6-foot-2, 200-pound linebacker Albert Craddock of High Point (N.C.) SW Guilford this past weekend. His high school coach had more to say about Craddock in an interview with Inside Carolina on Monday.

SW Guilford coach Bryan Davis

What makes Albert a special player?
"He's a tremendous athlete. He's able to carry his pads and look a lot bigger than he is, and he plays a lot bigger than he is. He's 6-2, and almost 200 (pounds) now. He played at 200, but he's dropped a little below that now. He plays with such energy that he looks like a man among boys at the high school level. According to the college coaches that have seen him on film, they've said he's the best they've seen so far this year. When his motor is running, it's running about as hard as any other kid's in America. He's a really good player.

"He started since he was a freshman – the second game of the year and ever since. He's been all-conference as a sophomore, and all-conference and all-area this past year. I think he'll be considered one of the best players in the region and state this year. He plays running back and inside linebacker for us. He's our leading tackler; I don't have the stats in front of me at this time. As a running back, he rushed for over 1,000 yards and 15 touchdowns. He averaged seven or eight yards per carry."

What do you think led to his announcement this weekend?
"As I said to him again yesterday, I think it's kind of like the first time you kiss a girl. You kind of think she's the best thing you've ever seen and the first thing you've ever experienced. Being on a college campus for the first time... It's his decision, and if that's what he wants to do, then my job is to guide him as best as I can. I try to make him understand his options. He certainly has a lot of options, but he feels Carolina is the best fit for him right now."

That might make some wonder if his UNC commitment is going to stand up throughout the year.
"Let's just put it this way, Virginia Tech [coaches] said he's the best they've seen this year. Texas said he's the best they've seen this year. Auburn said he's the best they've seen this year. Oklahoma is extremely impressed, but they didn't tell me the same.

"He deserves the right to go see some other schools and what they are. ... Carolina has its own unique setting and circumstances, but I think he's still going to take other visits. He's visiting Tennessee this weekend and Virginia Tech next weekend."

How'd your team fare last season?
"We finished 5-5 in the toughest 3-A conference in the state. We go up against Glenn, Parkland, Carver and Andrews. We play each of those powerhouses and we ended up 5-5."

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