Scouting Report: Julian Vaughn

Dave Telep, the nation's leading recruiting analyst, reviews his notes and compiles in-depth scouting reports on North Carolina's basketball recruits. In this edition -- 2007 power forward Julian Vaughn ...

Julian Vaughn
6-9, 230
Reston (Va.) South Lakes


He can be a legitimate inside-out guy.
His strengths are that he can be a legitimate inside-out guy, who can play facing the basket with size and height. And he shoots the basketball pretty well from the perimeter. Last summer he really found a nice mix with both aspects of his game. I definitely think he can score on the block as well as facing up. That makes him a unique power forward. He's pretty versatile in terms of where he can make that catch at the free throw line and hit a mid-range shot - Vaughn can use that weapon.

He has a real big skill package to work with for a guy 6-9. And he thinks the game, too – he's an excellent student and it shows on the basketball court. He's got a good aptitude for the game.

Inside, he's got to find a way to be a bit more explosive to the basket and finish everything strong. And we may see that happen in the next few months as his body gets stronger and he starts to develop.

He's got to be a guy who finishes stronger at the rim.
As the summer went along, you started seeing him come on. He was nicked up and banged up throughout last spring and summer, but as the summer went along, I saw him pay more attention to being an inside-area presence. And I think one of those areas he can improve is the mindset of being a low-block force, and that'll come as he adds more bulk. He's got to be a guy who finishes stronger at the rim and starts to exert himself to be more consistently dominant in his outings.

If he can bolster his post presence and add a mean streak to him, you'll see all parts of his game start to expand.

Since he's an ACC recruit and has that inside-out game, I've heard the comparisons to Marcus Melvin, who played at NC State. But I don't think that's entirely accurate. He has some inside-outside attributes like Melvin, but Melvin was a better ball handler and I don't think Vaughn will be the guy who can attack the basket in the same manner. Melvin had a little more bounce to him as an athlete. But Vaughn has more natural skills in the post.

College Projection:
He'll wind up being a versatile power forward because you can run offense through him, because he's a good passer, because he can face up but can go inside at the end of the day and can guard both interior spots. He'll be a useful big man. And he's one of those kids where there are a lot of things to like about him as a college prospect. Anyone who's been around him has always said he's a coachable kid, wants to do the right thing, desires to do better. He's an easy guy for a coach to fall in love with as a prospect.

No. 7 PF, No. 19 overall -- He'll probably open up the spring as a Top 25 guy in his class and this is going to be a different spring and summer because he's had the benefit of making a name for himself last year and now he's got to take all those expectations with being a top 25 player and hammer the point home. And he's very capable of doing that.

Final Thoughts:
With Vaughn, what you see is what you get - a good player who hasn't maxed out his abilities and a good kid and good student. Pretty easy to recruit for high major schools. This is a guy at 6-9 who knows his way around the floor. He'll find his spots, he hustles, he plays hard – I think things are starting to come together. It'll be interesting to see how he looks this spring, having played himself into a Top 25 caliber player – to really cement that ranking he understands the word ‘dominant' needs to start popping up in reference to his performances.

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