Tuesday Player Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- As North Carolina prepares for the ACC Tournament, the players spoke to the media on Tuesday at the Smith Center ...

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"[My job this week as the senior leader] for the most part is to continue to make sure we focus like we've done all year in practice and continue to do the things we've been doing. Just this time we're going to have to play three games back to back so make sure guys get their rest...

"I was watching a show last night that was saying we still haven't gotten respect and we're Top 10 in the nation now. That really doesn't matter to us, we still have another whole season that we still have to play and I think that's something we're ready to do."


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"It's an honor [to be on the ACC All-Freshman team]. I was pleased, happy, it's something I can be proud of ...

"[This season has] been up and down - mostly up. From the start of the year to where we're at right now is night and day. The progress we've had this year has been a fun experience ...

"I can score, everyone is going to say 'He's a natural two,' but I totally disagree. I don't have a natural position. I'm a basketball player - a guard - whatever you want to call me. I'll be on the court [in the coming years], however many minutes coach wants me to be, and I'll be playing."


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"This year has lived up to everything you dreamed it to be, really, and everything I hoped for. It's been awesome playing in the Smith Center my first year, the fans are great, the coaches have been tremendous in how much they've taught us and how much we've learned from them ...

"[Our improvement has been a] combination of both [improved confidence and skill improvement]. Definitely a confidence thing, seeing what this team can do, especially playing on the road in big time environments. And then just getting better as a team, just growth - we've definitely grown from the beginning of the year and we're just blossoming now."


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"[Coach Williams'] understanding of the game and understanding of his players [is what sets him apart] - in that he just wants the best for his players and whatever he can do to help them. With me, I personally can say it wasn't always going as good as I can hope or as he could hope, but he's been patience and supportive of me and it's helped me in the long run ...

"[The Duke game] was a big confidence booster going into that type of environment, not just myself but for the team. I felt I produced pretty well that game, but I just want to take it a step higher and higher ...

"I never really had any confidence lacking personally, it was just that some things weren't going the way I wanted to, I wasn't really comfortable. It was tough going through the early stages of this season, it was realy tough for me because I wanted to produce and do well for my team. And that just wasn't happening. I talked to my parents, coach, teammates and I got through it."


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What's your three-point record in practice out of 50?

"Ever? Probably about 41. But that's just once. I try to always make at least 30."

So that shot against Duke was no fluke then, huh?

"Yeah, I'm pretty confident with my outside shot and it's something I work on. I feel like if I'm put in that situation I'll make it."

Would you like to play more facing the basket than you have?

"No, I'm comfortable with the way I'm playing. It's just something that a lot of people don't see in my game - some of my face-up - and that's just something I can keep improving on."

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