UNC grads return for camp game

A large number of former players representing nearly every era in Tar Heel basketball are in town to work the camp, including Bill Chamberlain, Dante Calabria, Ged Doughton, Max Owens, Curtis Hunter, Octavus Barnes, Bill Chambers, Jim Hudock, Michael Brooker, Rodney Hyatt, Clyde Lynn, Kevin Madden, Warren Martin, David Neal, York Larese, Brad Daugherty, Vasco Evtimov, Charles Scott, and Ed Geth. Makhtar Ndiaye and Shammond Williams also participated in Wednesday's game, but are not working the camp, and Eric Montross, Hubert Davis, and Kenny Smith will be in Chapel Hill later this summer for their own individual basketball camps. In addition, some guy who used to play a little basketball named Jordan will be through town next week.

LINK: Basketball Camp Counselor Game Showcases Current And Former Tar Heels

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