UNC-UVa: North Carolina Press Conference

GREENSBORO, N.C. – North Carolina coach Roy Williams and players Wes Miller and Reyshawn Terry spoke to reporters on Friday following the Tar Heels' 79-67 win over Virginia in the ACC Tournament quarterfinals from the Greensboro Coliseum. Read and listen to what they had to say …

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Opening remarks
WILLIAMS: I think we are very fortunate to continue playing. I thought Virginia was much more aggressive and much more intelligent, particularly early in the game. J.R. (Reynolds) and Sean Singletary make it a load for you. Dave (Leitao) did a great job of designing a plan to make sure they kept driving the ball to the basket and we didn't do a good job guarding them, except for fouling. They put us in foul trouble and made it very uncomfortable over there for us a lot of times tonight.

I was really pleased for Reyshawn (Terry). I saw a clip on the TV while I was scouting the game last night that said he was 8-for-29 the last three games. Well, he was 8-for-13 tonight, so he played pretty doggone well. I thought he was huge for us in the second half, taking the ball to the basket and getting the ball off of the board for us.

Fortunately, we rebounded it much better in the second half. First half they had 12 points on offensive rebounds and we only had four. We wanted to make sure that didn't continue that badly. It was a tough game and we feel very fortunate to keep moving.

On exploiting Virginia's match-up problems
WILLIAMS: We felt like we should be able to post up Reyshawn (Terry). We did it once in the second half and scored a bucket, but we turned it over two straight times trying to throw it to him after that. I did think it was more difficult for them to guard him, particularly after he started taking the ball to the basket. Even when it was a seven or eight point game, he drove straight to the free throw line and made that jumper. It was a very aggressive, assertive move and those are the kinds I like. It was one of the little guys guarding him then and they couldn't get up to the area where he was.

On this group learning from today's tournament experience
WILLIAMS: This is new for us, but I love their toughness. As frustrated as I was, and I was extremely frustrated tonight, they've learned to listen to what I say and not be concerned about whether the vein in my neck or head is busting.

I like their competitiveness and I hope we have learned some things that will help us tomorrow night.

On revisiting the previous meetings with Virginia in preparation
WILLIAMS: One of the reasons why I didn't want to play Virginia is because of what happened nine days ago. If somebody beats me by 45, I'm going to be so fired up it's going to be unbelievable. At the same time, I told them in the locker room that made it one-to-one. They had beaten us in Charlottesville, we had beaten them in Chapel Hill and this was the rubber-match. The number at the end (isn't important), it's still a "W" or an "L." I would have been extremely fired up and I think that Dave (Leitao) had his club really focused and I think perhaps that night had something to do with it.


Opening remarks
MILLER: I just think that we came out a little flat, but you've got to give Virginia a lot of credit, because they really came at us tonight. They got all of our guards in foul trouble, and we didn't do some of the things that we work on in practice and that Coach (Roy Williams) tells us to do, but it's always important to win basketball games, especially this time during the year. We're just happy we were able to gut that one out and keep moving on.

On growing up near here, and playing so close to home
MILLER: I grew up coming to the ACC Tournament, and saw quite a few of them here in Greensboro. It was something I always dreamed of as a kid when I would come watch these games, and to actually be here, I almost had to pinch myself in warm-ups, and especially playing a more prominent role this year, it's a pretty special moment for me.

On having to grind out a win
MILLER: I think in games like that, and Coach was talking about it in the huddle, you've really got to dig down on the defensive end of the floor, because every possession is so important. It's really just making a conscious effort to dig down, stay in front of your man and get a hand up when they shoot the ball. Fortunately, we did it a couple of times, and unfortunately, they were able to draw some fouls on us. But I think in those kinds of games, you've got to establish yourself defensively.


Opening remarks
TERRY: I'm just happy we won. They came at us in the first half, hitting us right in the face, and making it real hard for us on the defensive end, penetrating and pitching, guys knocking down shots and just making harder for us on the offensive end. You've got to give credit to those guys.

On growing up near here, and playing so close to home
TERRY: It feels good to come home - well, close to home - and get another ACC win, first of all. It's a wonderful feeling, especially with me having a more prominent role this year. It's definitely a great thrill for me.

On having to grind out a win
TERRY: We understand that every game is not going to be pretty; we're not going to win pretty. Situations like that will come in a game. We just have to step up and be willing to take on the challenge when it comes.

On proving that he's good enough to play at North Carolina
TERRY: It's a blessing, first of all, to be able to play under Coach Williams, me not being his recruit and him having faith in me and giving me confidence as a player. So that definitely gives me confidence as a player also to be able to do the things that I'm doing.

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