UNC-BC: North Carolina Press Conference

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- North Carolina coach Roy Williams and senior David Noel took the media podium before departing for Chapel Hill.


Opening remarks
"We congratulate Boston College on the win. They were a load for us today, no question about that. They shot 61% and that may be the worst we've been out-rebounded all year. We were good at times, but they made the plays when they needed to make them.

"Craig Smith was sensational, but really it was their whole club - they're just a heck of a team. I know they got off to a little bit of a slow start at 0-3 in the league, but they've played as well as anyone since then.

"They are extremely efficient offensively. (Boston College head coach) Al (Skinner) does a great job and they do a great job of executing. They've been doing that all year long.

"From our standpoint, we just can't make the key mistakes we made - the shot that came too quickly at the end of the half, the defensive lapse on the out-of-bounds play late. Those are things that you think about driving back to Chapel Hill. But sometimes you've just got to give credit to the other team. It's not always North Carolina didn't do this or North Carolina didn't do that. Sometimes you just give credit to the other team and I feel that way today."

On impact of Reyshawn Terry's fourth foul early in second half
"It changed the game a great deal. He's been playing very well for us. Danny (Green) got cut above his eye so we had to go even smaller."

On upcoming NCAA Tournament play
"This team is very focused and has done an excellent job of playing very close to its potential. I will expect and I will demand that we continue to do so the rest of our season."


Was there a breakdown on the layup with two seconds left on the shot clock?
"It was a breakdown. I actually told the whole team that we were going to switch everything, but I guess the communication factor didn't pull through as well as I thought it was and Craig (Smith) got open for the layup."

When you say switch, what do you mean?
"Any screens. A man was coming out so I switched out and Craig just ran to the goal and was able to get the layup."

On Boston College shooting a high field goal percentage against North Carolina
"They take a lot more shots inside. They definitely do inside-out first. I think that's the biggest thing for them. Once they get their inside game established, they kick the ball out to their shooters. Luckily for them tonight, they were knocking down 3s."

What will you do to help get the team ready for the NCAA Tournament?
"We're going to go back and watch film, see exactly the easy plays that we gave up and just learn from it. We're not going to put it behind us; we're going to learn from it and make sure that it doesn't happen in the tournament because if we lose in the tournament then it's go home and there's no tomorrow. I'm just going to tell the guys that it's put up or shut up now."

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