UNC-BC: Al Skinner Quotes

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The Eagles head coach spoke to the media following the game.

On how it feels to be in the championship game
"We came down here with a purpose and right now we've placed ourselves in a position to win the thing. Obviously, we're very pleased with that, but our goal is not over yet."

On making the big plays down the stretch to solidify the win
"There's a lot of ways to win basketball games. The easiest way is to score points, but when you don't do that, there are other things you can do. Hustle plays like the tip-in or offensive rebounds on the free throws, plays like that can make a difference and they did for us this afternoon. That's the one thing I am most pleased about with this team. They've found different ways to win. There have been games where we haven't shot free throws well, or maybe not rebounded it well, but we've done some other things to help us win games."

On Tyrese Rice's 3-pointer to end the first half
"That shot at the end of the half really helped lift us and took us into the locker room on a positive note. I don't know a better way to lift a team. Even though we had scored 40 points, I don't think it all came smoothly and I thought in the second half we did a much better job with our offense. It was clearly a big lift for us and gave our guys a lot of confidence."

On the ACC Tournament compared to the Big East
"The level of competition is fairly equal. I think there is a lot of credibility that goes with both tournaments. For us, the location is what the difference is, but now is the time where you just focus on what's going on on the floor.

"They're both extremely intense, well-attended, and tremendously exciting as far as the fans are concerned, and I think today they saw a very fine game."

On crashing the Duke-UNC championship party
"I don't think we're crashing their party. We're all part of a new league and you might as well get used to this. There are some new people in town and you will hopefully welcome us with open arms. I'm not just talking about BC, but Miami and Virginia Tech. This league has evolved and hopefully we bring some credibility to it and people will appreciate the quality of basketball we're playing, as well as the other two schools."

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