Roy Williams Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program Monday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

Opening Remarks -

"I'm glad we're here [at NCAA Tournament time]. We had all the guys come over yesterday afternoon for the Selection Show, and Wanda made [the desserts]. One thing the [players] did, they played their tails off all year long, but man did they eat a lot of food yesterday. They set records for the amount of desserts they ate during the pairing show. I congratulated them on what they've accomplished, to be a three seed means a lot of people think you've done some nice things and factually you've done some nice things. We didn't practice any yesterday, but went back today and had a short practice today but tried to go very hard and hopefully we'll have a few more great practices before we have a chance to play again. …

"We've been ecstatic about what we've accomplished, but I'm hopeful the kids are as hungry as I am. I told them yesterday that we've coached teams that have gone to the Final Four as a one seed, I've coached teams that have gone to the Final Four as a two seed, and I coached one team that went to the Final Four as a three seed. That team played for a national championship, so I'm hoping this team will keep pushing, stay as hungry as we possibly can and who knows what will happen down the road."

On UNC's NCAA seeding and region -

"I thought we would be a two seed if we'd made it to the ACC Championship game … I thought if we'd beaten Boston College we'd be a two. I thought we'd be in Greensboro because everybody else said we would. I think we're the only three seed that's not in their home region. That's disappointing for our fans, yet this team has played well on the road. I want to go where we're going to play the best. I love Greensboro, but Greensboro didn't help us beat Boston College."

On the loss to Boston College -

"I was disappointed about how we played against Boston College, especially after I went back and watched the film. We did some things you can't do against that quality of an opponent and expect to win … yet we still had a chance to win the game. It was disappointing and was only the second or third game of the year where no one qualified as the defensive player of the game, so that tells me what was going on."

On the team's reaction to seeing their name appear on TV in the bracket -

"As I said earlier, we had all the team over the house for some dessert and I think Wanda, Joe Holladay and myself were the only ones that clapped [when our name appeared]. The rest of our team just sat there and said ‘Oh, well – we're a three seed, where do we go play?' I've always wanted something you can't have, because I've wanted the team to be excited, but yet to be so good that we expect that … But I thought with so many freshmen they would be excited, but the guys just sat there and said ‘Pass the banana pudding.'"

On Danny Green's eye injury against BC -

"He practiced today and didn't seem to have any problems whatsoever. He did get hit above the left eye, hopefully will match where he got hit earlier in the year on the right side - makes him a little more balanced. Three stitches is what he took and just wasn't able to do much more the rest of the game. He got hit, and all of a sudden he's behind Craig Smith, and he tries to show the referee the blood over his eye … . I was mad at Danny – I was mad as all get out. He's yelling at the referee to try and stop the game instead of playing defense … but Craig Smith made an unbelievable play, going underneath the basket to find his teammate out at the three-point line. … Danny is fine, practiced okay today, fine youngster who will probably get the stitches out in 5-6 days."

On David Noel not making the All-Defense team -

"I was surprised that David didn't make that, but Barry Jacobs picks an All-Defensive Team where the voting is done by the coaches and David made that. And that's the one I look at. So David was first-team all-defense on the coaches ballot."

On whether he takes any different approach to an NCAA Tournament game -

"We're not the kind of team that can just sashay out there and think things are going to be okay. We've got to have that passion, energy level and if we do that then we can really do some good things. That's what we're planning on. We're going to try to play our tails off one game and if we play our tails off that one game perhaps they'll let us stay around and play another one. And that's the way we look at it all the way down the line. We've had some success this year, but we've got to play with that passion and energy level. If we do that, then we're so much of a better basketball team. You never know how a young team is going to react, but we've played 29 games, so we're not as young as we were three months ago. Hopefully they'll be fired up and I think they will be."

On William Graves (and other signees) -

"I think William is going to be a big-time player for us. We want him to not necessarily lose some weight, but redistribute it and be able to play at a little faster pace. He's 6-6 and this past summer an NBA scout at the Nike Camp said he likes players like William because ‘He gets fouled and doesn't realize it.' He shoots the ball well, that was two straight championships for them – he was the MVP. He's had a good year for them. Brandan Wright also won the state championship in Tennessee on the same night we beat Duke and he was the MVP of the tournament for the fourth straight year. The other guys – Alex Stepheson did well and went pretty far in California, Deon [Thompson] didn't go quite as far as Alex. Wayne Ellington's team doesn't have a state championship. Poor Tywon [Lawson] at Oak Hill, they won 40 in a row."

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