Tuesday Press Conference Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – Third-seeded and 10th ranked North Carolina travels to Dayton, Ohio to take on 14-seed Murray State on Friday at approximately 9:40 p.m. Read and listen to what UNC coach Roy Williams and players David Noel, Bobby Frasor, Tyler Hansbrough and Wes Miller had to say on Tuesday from the Smith Center…

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ROY WILLIAMS – Audio (9:46)

Was last week good preparation for the NCAA Tournament?
"I think it's a good bit different because of all of the attention and the fact that you have to be there a day early; the fact that they don't allow you to practice, but they allow 40 minutes to parade around and stretch, and shoot from the center line…and crap like that. But last week was great preparation for the kind competition we're going to face, but as far as the atmosphere, it's totally different I think."

Can you provide one quick sentence on what each freshman has given you?
"Tyler…just unbelievable work ethic and consistency. Marcus…totally cares about the team. He was able to accept not starting. Danny Green…up and down, but when he's on really gives you a big lift. Bobby…coach's son; for the most part, very solid leadership."

On the belief you can't go far in the NCAAs with a freshman point guard. How do you feel about that?
"It's something I'm not going to believe, I can tell you that. I don't know, it depends on who that freshman is. There have been a lot of people have said we couldn't get a No. 3 seed and finish second (in the ACC) with Bobby Frasor as our point guard, especially with ‘Q' [Quentin Thomas] getting hurt in the preseason. If somebody was going to say that about the NCAAs, then they would probably say the same thing about the regular season as well; and it didn't work out there. But I think it depends on who that guard is."

On rebuilding momentum. Coach [Dean] Smith always said you build momentum in the tournament not going into it. Do you believe that?
"I agree with that. What we did to this point was the same as last year. We won the last six regular season games to sew it up and this year we won our last seven. Then we won one game in the tournament and lost the second one. To this point its exactly the same. I would like to think we could do the same thing from here on out but that remains to be seen. You do build momentum once you get into the tournament. You start out the first night and gain confidence, or doing what you have to do down the stretch in a tight game can build confidence. That's something we've been able to do several times since we've been coaching. We're going to focus on what we have to do now; we're not going to focus on what went on in Greensboro. We came out yesterday in practice and tried to get better, and we're going to do the same thing today. That's what's worked for us the last several weeks of the regular season."

DAVID NOEL – Audio (1:21)

On what you want to get out of practice
"We've just been getting back to basics. For the most part our Blue Team is doing good job. We're just trying to get them to understand how other teams are going to play; get them to take charges or just try and simulate as much as possible what will happen in a game against a talented team."

How does this tournament differ from the last tournament and the regular season?
"This tournament is definitely different; because when you lose here it's one and out for the season. We're not ready to hang it up just yet."

BOBBY FRASOR – Audio (1:44)

On difficulties in the game against Boston College
"I wasn't in a flow. I had never been in that situation before. It's kind of hard to get into a flow of the game when you're on the bench (in foul trouble)."

Talk about the advantages of being a coach's son.
"Just tendencies, what passes to do. You know the clock situation better, you know the foul situation better – you know this guy has three fouls so go at him. There are just certain aspects of the game come easier to me – passing, unselfishness; it's just the way I've been brought up."


What do you know about Murray State?
"I don't know much about them. We're going to watch clips of them over the next couple of days and I'll figure it out then."

On playing against Craig Smith, Jared Dudley and BC
"They definitely had some big guys within their team. It was tough. Smith is a good player and that's something that helps their team."

Do you feel your ready for the NCAA Tournament?
"Yes, I feel we're ready. This season prepared us for where we're going and I think we'll be ready to play."

WES MILLER – Audio (1:55)

On this team's freshmen
"They don't play like normal or typical freshmen do, and I don't expect it to be any different in the NCAA Tournament."

Did David tell you guys it was ‘put up or shut up' time?
"Yeah, Dave said that in so many words. And I'm sure he'll speak up even more as this week progresses. But he's our leader and we all look to him. I'm sure he'll fill that role this week."

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