2007 Intro: Matt Little

During his junior season, Matt Little led Durham (N.C.) Jordan's senior laden defense both vocally and physically to a 10-4 record.

"Last year, we had a good number of seniors," said Jordan assistant football coach Jason Luck. "[Little] was one of the more vocal as well as physically impressive players. Whether we were doing well on defense or not, he was always the one that when he made the play, you could see the energy that he brought to the game."

Little, a 6-foot-3 200-pound weakside linebacker, recorded 139 tackles, four sacks, ten tackles for a loss, two interceptions, and two passes defended on the year.

Now a senior, Little is expected to continue to lead the defense, while also easing the transition for the new starters.

"Going into this year, our three starting linebackers all return," said Luck. "That's going to be the core of the defense. We'll be a lot younger on the defensive line, so those guys will have to step up a bit more. Matt is going to be expected to be one of our leaders to keep the defense at a level it's been."

Little's junior season highlight tape has caught the attention of many college coaching staffs.

"At the moment, those that have actually had the opportunity to look at the tape have either wanted him to attend a junior day – such as North Carolina, South Carolina, and East Carolina – or a more personal setting such as coming and meeting all the coaches – that would be Duke," said Luck.

"Auburn just called recently and is very much excited about what they saw on tape and really wanted to try to get him down for their spring game this weekend. But, with that most likely not going to be the case, they are trying to push to get him down to Auburn the next couple of weeks."

In addition to his future trip to Auburn, Little is planning to be at South Carolina's junior day. Earlier in the month, unforeseen circumstances prevented Little from attending North Carolina's junior day, but he is currently in the process of rescheduling.

Still awaiting his first scholarship offer, Little is keeping things open.

"He's very wide open," said Luck. "He's never expressed a liking of one school over another. He's just sitting back and seeing which schools are interested and go from there. He certainly doesn't want to close the doors on anyone."

With his fastest 40-yard dash time being 4.53 seconds, Little is being recruited as both an outside linebacker and an in-the-box safety.

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