Pro Day: John Bunting Q&A

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- The UNC seniors worked out for NFL coaches at Tuesday morning's Pro Timing Day at the Eddie Smith Indoor Facility. Inside Carolina talked with head coach John Bunting afterwards ...

What role do you have for the players as they began to pursue a pro career?

"All my players know I played, so I will talk to them individually ... they all have dreams and I'd like to help make those dreams come true. If there's anything I can do...

"With this group of players, this is in my opinion the best overall group of seniors I've ever had and when I can get in front of all these pro scouts in the meeting we had prior to starting today and I can tell them what kind of character they are getting in these kids, it's a lot fun. Because every one of these guys is a great kid and that's important to those guys at that level.

"I think they all worked out well today, they've all been training well - some here, some other places -- and I think 3-4 guys at least are going to make an NFL club out of this group."

Do the coaches contact you directly to find out about your players?

"Usually when they're here, they'll talk with me. I know a lot of these guys extremely well from my years in the NFL. They're very comfortable with me telling the truth, very comfortable with me in the ways they've been coached in this program -- they've been coached hard and tough -- and they know they're getting a good character kid."

What's the next step after Pro Timing Day?

"In some cases, a team will want to have a workout with them privately. That's what they'll be waiting for. I think more than one is going to make it out of this group."

Do you have specific goals for the rest of spring practice, as it starts back up again tomorrow?

"Absolutely. I want to continue to improve the toughness of our football team overall. I want to continue to specifically work on the development of the quarterbacks, tailbacks and right side of the offensive line.

"I want to continue to work extremely hard to find out what young players can contribute on special teams. They're getting the opportunity at that and it's all live. Every bit of it is live. I've never done this before - it was a suggestion by Coach Powell and I'm doing it. Tomorrow we'll have six live kickoffs and we'll have a lick kickoff return team comprised of the best leftover young players. So the evaluation process of those special teams guys is essential to the completion of the spring.

"The last thing should probably be first - leadership. This group of players was the best group of leaders I've had in terms of the numbers and we've got to have that to win. Our coaches have been on task to find out who those guys are and help me develop them."

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