Pro Day: Matt Baker Q&A

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- The UNC seniors worked out for NFL coaches at Tuesday morning's Pro Timing Day at the Eddie Smith Indoor Facility. Inside Carolina talked with Matt Baker afterwards ...

What have you been doing to prepare for these NFL workouts?

"After school ended, I took some time off to let my body heal and work on rehabbing. Then I signed with IMG and they sent me down to their training facility in Bradenton, Fla. where I worked out for a month and a half. Then I've been back up here the last couple weeks trying to get ready for this - working on starts, shuttles and all that stuff."

How'd you feel you did today?

"I think I did well. I'm not happy with the way I threw the ball, but I ran good shuttles and good times and hopefully scouts like what they see in that and I'll get back up with them for some more individual drills."

How do you know which scouts liked what they saw?

"I'll get some feedback from Coach Bunting and Coach Connors and my agent will get in touch with them and ask the scouts how we did. And, of course, if they're calling you and trying to bring you back in, then you know they're still interested."

What's the next step now for you - individual workouts?

"Hopefully a couple teams will bring me in to their facilities are they'll come back here. My goal is to get on a roster, Any way - free agent or 7th round, it doesn't matter to me. I just want a chance to get on a roster and compete."

Have you gotten any feedback at your chances yet?

"It's pretty early. I'll probably know more in the next week."

What did you work on at IMG?

"Most of it was speed stuff. Michael Johnson, the world class sprinter, was our speed coach. And then we worked with an ex-NFL position coach each day. He didn't mess with my mechanics at all, he said that all looked good and we cleaned up a little bit of footwork, that's all."

Thoughts on who will follow you at quarterback here yet?

"They're both good athletes. Obviously Joe Dailey has a leg up having played a year of football, but with a new coaching staff, they both start from level ground. I think they'll compete well into the fall. The more Cam [Sexton] gets reps and works in the film room, I think he'll get that much better - he's got more room for improvement."

Have you had a chance to watch practice this spring?

"I saw a couple practices ... the defense looks great, I think they're going to need some help from these freshmen at wide receiver ... overall it'll be a good team and finally they have somewhat of a favorable schedule."

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