Pro Day: Tommy Davis Q&A

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- The UNC seniors worked out for NFL coaches at Tuesday morning's Pro Timing Day at the Eddie Smith Indoor Facility. Inside Carolina talked with Tommy Davis afterwards ...

Saw you had a team-high in the bench press with 34 reps ...

"That's almost a personal best - mine is 35. I came up one short. I thought I was going to get it."

Have you been working hard to get ready for this?

"Yeah, but I've always been strong at bench. I hold the record here. Bench has always been a strong point for me. ... I've just been working out constantly every week."

How'd you feel you did today?

"I feel did pretty overall. Ran a good 40, did a good shuttle, think I could have knock a few tenths off my three-cone, but got to move on. ... The coaches said I had a good workout and now I've got to take this Wonderlic test. I just know it's 50 questions in 12 minutes - I'll do my best."

After this you'll wait to get feedback? What's the next step?

"I should be getting feedback and maybe will work out for a team. Just wait and see now that I've got my numbers out there. ... If they call me up, I'll go there, if they want to do it here, we'll do it here. ... I just want to do the best I can and have a chance to play."

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