Pro Day: Jarwarski Pollock Q&A

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- The UNC seniors worked out for NFL coaches at Tuesday morning's Pro Timing Day at the Eddie Smith Indoor Facility. Inside Carolina talked with Jarwarski Pollock afterwards ...

Saw they had you at 4.37 in the 40 - how fast can you run it?

"I think that's what they had me at - I don't know. The best I've run was 4.32."

Have you gotten any feedback from the coaches yet?

"Actually, they don't even let us know. We'll get some feedback from Coach Connors ... the [NFL] coaches talk to you here and joke around with you, but it's nothing too serious. I don't think they'll give away any numbers or anything like that."

What have you been working on to get ready for this?

"Speed. Just speed because that has to be my ticket to get in because of my size. So I went down to Atlanta and was training with Mike Butler at Champion Performance and he just got me ready. All we worked on was speed. I feel more comfortable with it now."

How do you gauge improvement in speed - just the 40 time?

"It's in numbers and the way I run. When I ran it last year, I didn't feel comfortable running the 40, but when I came in this year I knew what I was going to run because I'd been practicing over and over."

Did you have any goals you wanted to accomplish here today?

"I wanted to run a 4.3. That was my only goal - to come here and run a 4.3 and hopefully they'll see that and somebody will give me a shot."

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