Roy Williams Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his final radio program of the season this week? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

Opening remarks –

"We haven't talked yet about the offseason plans, but [postseason meetings] are to see how they're doing, see where their mind is and try to encourage them. I told them a little story when we got back on the bus that hopefully will motivate them a bit more. And later on in the spring we'll have an individual meeting with them again about the goals that they'll have over the course of the offseason and try to give them maybe three things to work on and really concentrate on – and they've done a good job in the past with doing those things. Jonas Sahration, our strength and conditioning coach, does a fantastic job and I'd bet next week our guys will be back in the weight room working with Jonas again. It'll be on an individual basis, it's not mandatory right now, but if they want to be the best player they can be, they have to do that.

"We'll have some individual workouts with them this spring, and because of the recruiting period the majority of those will be done by Jerod Haase. The recruiting period is basically the month of April. We'll be out three, four, five days each week and there are three weekends where they have special events around the country where it's legal for us to see. We'll go to Vegas, Arkansas, Houston, Dallas, Washington DC – all those places have sites that are sanctioned by the NCAA that we'll go recruiting and see what they have."

On NCAA rule changes allowing practice before this school year ends -

"You have to stop a week before final exams and we'll do some of that – it won't be what we do in the fall because it's not preseason and we don't have David, Byron, Thomas and Will. So it'll be on more of an individual basis. But when we come back in the fall we can put guys together a little more than we do now."

On Sunday's postgame –

"Those youngsters were really something. In the locker room after a game like that you have an inadequate feeling as a coach because you can't say something that will erase what just happened. You can't say something that will take away the feeling those kids had. David Noel invested so much in this team and I'd say I've felt very inadequate as a coach but [Sunday] was the most inadequate I've ever felt."

On David Noel -

"It was just so selfless – that was what was so amazing to me. He's an unbelievable person. Coaching David Noel and the way I feel about this team this year made me the luckiest person in the whole wide world."

On a final chance to honor the 2005-06 Tar Heels -

"Tuesday night, April 11 we have the basketball banquet in the Smith Center. We opened that up to the fans – it had only been for the Rams Club members. We opened it up last year and people enjoyed it and we're going to try to make it a bit better."

On the season that was –

"If you'd told me 23-8, would I have taken it and not played the games? I wouldn't because I'd want to enjoy those 23. The word disappointed doesn't come close to the way you feel and I've always said I have more desire in my little finger than every North Carolina fan in the world, and you also have more hurt. And that's the toughest thing about coaching – the highs don't come anywhere close to how low the lows are. And it sticks with you so, so long. We won the national championship and 24 hours later I was on the road recruiting. And this loss will stick with me for a long time. But 23-8, 3 seed, play two rounds in the NCAA tournament – I'd have been elated if you'd told me our team could do that. Yet [Sunday] we didn't play as well as we needed to play and as a coach you don't feel like you did a good enough job for your team and that sticks with you for a long time.

"Rating this team compared with the others teams I've had as far as playing close to their potential, this team was one of the top two teams that I've ever had as far as playing as close to their potential as they possibly could. The only other team that did like that was another team where a lot wasn't expected of them - in 1991 when we played for the national championship. There was an ominous thing that happened [Sunday], I don't know if you saw it, but we got the opening tap, tapped it to Reyshawn Terry and he threw the ball backcourt. The referee didn't call it, but he threw the ball backcourt. When that happened, that gave me the worst feeling in my gut because in '91, we're playing Duke for the national championship and we [get the opening tip] and Terry Brown our player throws the ball backcourt to our point guard and the referee called it. …But the '91 team and this year's team played as close to their potential as any team I've ever had."

On what he's looking for on the recruiting trail this month –

"We only have one scholarship and we're going to start with that – we might end up offering two because you never know what's going to happen down the line and we're talking about two years from now anyway so it's something you have to prepare for. We always teach size, but I love quickness. To play the way we want to play and push the tempo the way we want to do it, quickness is the most important characteristic of any player we sign."

"Roy Williams Live" airs Monday evenings during the season on Tar Heel Sports Network affiliates.

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